Thursday, February 17, 2011

A dose of pretty:

There's been so much prettiness in my week, and since everyone needs a little dose of pretty in their lives, I'm sharing. First, Spring-coloured macaroons!

Tiramisu from my favourite new patisserie.

A gorgeously handmade (and international, no less) Valentine.

An edible Valentine from closer to home.

Dried flowers hanging from the kitchen dresser.

An amazing surprise from my mother -- a gorgeous little bedside chest of drawers with the cutest porcelain handles and a little sliding-out tray for coffee.

Postcards which help me to pretend I'm back at the National Gallery. The large one with the grumpy small person is by Brack, the bottom one by Drysdale and the top one is by Margaret Preston. These three ladies hanging on my wall inspire me to create stories.

What prettiness has brightened your week?

* * * * *


Cara -- yes! Let's cheer one another on while we row! :) PS. I finally sent you an email!

Samantha R -- You're so right: immersion is key. xx


  1. Argh that tiramisu is making me drool!!!
    And your bedroom is SO adorable. Pretty pretty.
    My dose of pretty came from staying at the cutest B & B near Launceston in Tassie for a wedding on the weekend.
    Watch facebook for photos!
    Hugs x

  2. Though I don't always comment, I do love reading your blog girlie. :) And I love your room.

    I haven't had a dose of pretty this week. :( But my dose of amazing was at the ultrasound this afternoon. :)


  3. I wish I could steal both the tiramisu and the chest of drawers right out of those photos. They are both awesome!

  4. Um, I'll be right over to share the Tiramisu with you! =D Tiramisu is one of my favorites.
    Those macaroons look awesome!

  5. Beautiful pictures!

    This week it's been -25 (or colder) every day, and bright blue sunny skies. One day it started spontaneously snowing out of that bright blue sky, with the sun shining through the glittering flakes as they fell. I felt like I was in a magical fairy kingdom!


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