Monday, March 7, 2011

Awesome thing of the day #8

My little brother woke up this morning full of all sorts of great ideas (this is not unusual). "So, what's the plan?" he asked (this, too, is fairly standard). "I have to study," I told him, "and you have to do school." His response: -- "NO STUDY TODAY."

Later, when I made my way into my office, I grinned when I found two cute love notes stuck to my door. I raced downstairs to thank Tain. "You made me love notes!" I cried, "thank you!" "No," he said seriously, "NO STUDY! NOT ALLOWED."

Sure enough, when I looked a little closer, the previously-assumed adorable portrait of delighted older sister was actually a picture of me sitting in front of a bunch of books -- with a big cross over the books and a cross over me. And that friendly "yo" in the second note, which I thought was just Tain's cool gangster way of saying hi? I'm pretty sure it's meant to be "no." And the pink post-it notes were obviously just close handy. So... yeah.

* * * * *


SandieT -- and thank you for your lovely comment :).

Unanonymous -- you almost cried? (Cool!) ;)

Elisabeth -- so true; one of those memories that will keep you warm during dark nights of the soul.

Bek -- :D

Julia -- I felt squeeish :)

Samantha -- I'll make sure there's some Milk Coffee biscuits here when you arrive ;).

Ransomedsea -- now to preach that admonition to myself every day and consistently do something about it... Also: viking love!!!

Rebecca Simon -- you are such an encouragement. x

LindaOz -- I love that analogy! And being someone who has learnt to play the piano but who will never be gifted musically, I definitely understand it. Thank you for your comment!


  1. Oh, how sweet and funny of Tain to do that! :)
    He's an awesome brother!

  2. Aww, that's so sweet! Tain is a cutie.

    Hi by the way, Danielle! This is Jasmine R. Forgive me for stalking all over the web for your blog, but I thought I'd just stop by to say hi! :D

  3. That is pretty awesome - Tain is so funny! So did you study or did you take Tain's advice??

  4. Oh, dear. I thought 'yo', read 'xo', and I was all, 'Man, that boy is amazingly sweet!'

  5. Too cute! Reminds me of my brother's various coercive tactics to get me to stop doing homework and listen to our book on tape! You have to love it!


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