Saturday, April 23, 2011

Step inside:

On Thursday night my precious friends Elizabeth and Miriam came to meet the Housie*, to eat Oreos, and to watch Sherlock. Last night, a bunch of friends arrived for dessert and lots of high-speed conversation and laughter. Today, I welcomed my twin goddaughters and their beautiful mum and dad. We've known these guys since long before the twins were even a hoped-for dream and they know us in and out. They rejoiced with us over the new place and the garden and the happy possibilities. And now, seeing as all of these people have had a tour, it's time for me to show you guys around. So come on in! (And thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, who gave me a gleaming stainless steel kettle last night, I can make you a cuppa).

This is the abridged version of the tour; it's only a little space, but I seem to find too many nooks to take pictures of! In the top shot, you can see the kitchen (and those cute red-and-white tiles), the dining area, and the couch (which was a freebie but which has proven to be super comfy and such a cool blessing). In the picture below, you can see the same space from the other end, with my piano and my bookshelf (and yes, some boxes of books, yet to be unpacked). I love how airy and fresh-looking the space is, and I especially love the timber floors and blinds.

Below is the little tv nook and my dorky collection of paraphernalia, including a broken vintage camera and flash.

And the beautiful leadlight lampshade is one of my favourite little extras...

*By the way, it's got to be official now: the first piece of mail addressed to The House arrived this week -- an adorable housewarming package from Abbie! So since there's mail arriving and all, the christening process is complete. Housie it is!

* * * * *


Bethany -- I loved that you recognised the "lightbulb" quote -- Despicable Me is exactly where I got it from! :D

Jessica -- it's so true. I think the saviour/hero storyline is a concept we are all (or mostly all) innately drawn to.

Katie -- huzzah indeed! I'm having lots of fun :).


  1. It's so beautiful! We love it! :)


  2. How cutsie is your little housie! :) Congratulations! xo

  3. What a cute housie! I love the timber floors too; they are totally awesome. Your little place is fantastic! And how fun to have had friends over already.

  4. Eek! It's so lovely!!!!!!! It looks exactly how I imagined it... not that I spend time imagining your house or anything... that would be creepy... ok, I feel like we're venturing onto awkward stalker phase so I'll stop. Darn, I always come across as creepy stalker :)

    You talking about Sherlock makes me want to watch it right this very second.

  5. Housie is ADORABLE, and should therefore suit you perfectly, because you are also quite adorable. (it's very neat & tidy too - need me to come and help you mess it up sometime?) :) xox

  6. It is a lovely, adorable, cosy space you have there! Thanks for giving us a tour.

  7. Love love love it DeeDee! So glad you're settled. Are you bacheloretting it these days or are the parentals still with you?
    You've made me all extra excited about moving into my new nest this week. Woohoo!

  8. Housie looks incredible!! does your blog layout, btw. When did you do that?

  9. I have major house jealousy. It's beautiful!!

  10. Just now properly able to sit down and write to say that you have a beautiful little home! I love that you've been able to make it your own, and it looks like it's just the right amount of space. Thanks for posting the photos - it was lovely to see them!
    Much love to you! Abbie x

  11. I LOVE it!!!! That is awesome. I would have about been in heaven if I could have lived there till I got married!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!


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