Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project 52: one

It is a kind of familiar, friendly pain,
this stretching of unlimber muscles.
Mind reaches into memory and beyond it
into words, straining after significance.

I breathe heavy, bearing the weight of moments,
shifting them from hand to hand.
I balance images:
one, a laughing boy pressed nose to window;
two, thoughtless words like footprints
trampled without care over someone's heart
(from hindsight, they resemble regrets);
three, a fuschia, feathered sky.

I juggle them from mind to memory
and fumble for a unity to bind them/
bear their weight.
No matter; life is its own poem.

[tentative beginnings]
* * * * *


Rebecca Simon -- ah, Jim and Wally are such fabulous guys! Now I want to re-read all the books. Immediately.

Samantha R -- I know what you mean. I just had to pick five of the many books that have influenced me. There are probably hundreds!

Asea -- those are some fantastic people to visit! Ah, and I love Strunk & White. Those guys are amazing. I didn't realise for so long that the White half of the equation was E.B. White, author of Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little. Oh, and I really want to read that Brian McLaren book!

Bethany -- I truly recommend them all. :)

BushMaid -- ah, I have lost count of how many times I've read Stepping Heavenward. It always inspires me to be zealous about my journal-writing and to record the real life adventures of faith.


  1. Yay, first post is up!! There were many moments tonight where I wanted to take a photo, but no camera :( I will probably scrounge around tomorrow to try and borrow someone's camera. I'm getting nervous about this poem writing business, I am just going to tell myself that it is very, very freeform.

    PS Have you seen the half-season finale of Doctor Who?

  2. Your word pictures are amazing.
    And your picture is simple yet lovely.
    Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  3. I think my favorite E.B. White book is The Trumpet of the Swan. Have you read it? (It's much less well known.)

    I highly recommend that Brian McLaren book. Some of his other books are also good, and some of them I disagree with, but the best I've read so far is definitely Generous Orthodoxy.

    Love your poem! Writing is definitely like that sometimes. And hindsight making things look like regrets is really spot-on.


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