Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy golden days

Sorry to have gone all ninja on you and disappeared from the blog. First, I was sick. Then, I was, you know, on holidays. It's been nice. Some of the stuff that's been happening includes:

• starting books and actually finishing them
• a crafternoon! (pictures to come)
• trying to keep alive the tiny herb garden my mum made for me
• hanging out with my family
• squishing my niece
• sleeping in
• watching some good DVDs
• shopping for a wedding outfit and finding one, with only a hint of tears
• actually doing some novel rewriting
• tidying and cleaning the Housie
• movie night and black forest trifle with lovely girlfriends


• finding beautiful bouquets of flowers on sale for ridiculously cheap prices

What's new with you?

* * * * *


Katie -- it seems the ideal garden for a slow graduation into new seasons. While some of the trees are losing their leaves, others are just turning, and still others already have new buds. It's lovely.

Laura Elizabeth -- yes! Nights are cold and the days are sunny. It's practically perfect! And thank you for your lovely words re. the project 52 post. I have to come and lurk yours (my internet is being a pain; it's disconnected three times just in the writing of this post, requiring a restart of my computer before it would even connect again. GRRR!).


  1. They are even nicer in the flesh.

  2. Holidays are for catching up on the living that goes by the wayside when you're busy at school. I completely understand. Hope you are having fun!!!

    Internet woes are bleurgh! Hope it fixes itself soon!

  3. It sounds like you've been rather busy! Look fwd to hearing more details on the phone :)


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