Saturday, July 30, 2011

[lately] skate park

I don't know if I've ever told the story here about how I met my incredible friend Anastasia. The short version is: we met online. But not only does that sound weird and possibly a bit creepy, it also fails to tell the full story. Basically, we were both part of a LiveJournal community dedicated to keeping handwritten journals. Staish's pages were amazing, sprinkled with prayer poems and beautiful handwriting, and (yes, this part is possibly a bit creepy) I kept coming back to her posts when I needed fresh inspiration for my own journalling. It was evident she was in love with Jesus and exuded creativity.

From there, we became actual LiveJournal buddies and then MySpace pals (back in the day, hey?). We were commenting back and forth on MySpace one day when I informed Staish I'd be moving from WA to Queensland. 'Where in Queensland?' she commented back. 'Brisbane,' I said. 'Dude, I live in Brisbane!' was Staish's reply. Then I realised my mistake and amended it: 'Actually, it's [little suburb south of the city]'. The next reply from Staish: 'I LIVE THERE!' Sure enough, in what can only be a God thing, Anastasia lived five minutes down the road from my family's new home in Queensland. Crazy, crazy stuff.

We talked about meeting up and then one morning I found a package in my letterbox with a map to Staish's church -- attached, with ribbons, to a block of chocolate. Then followed incredibly awkward trepidation pre in-person meet-up followed by amazed and bewildered joy as we realised we could be Real Life Friends in even greater measure than online buddies.

It continues to amaze me that God could randomly introduce such a spectacular person in such a neat way. Now, I experience withdrawals if I don't get catch up with Staish once a week. We talk about books and God and her present and always husband and my future one. We watch movies and do craft and gush over Moleskines and laugh at awkward things and both love art and teenage fiction. Anastasia is a blessing in my life and I'm so so pleased God introduced us.

And I guess I got a little carried away because that was really meant to be an intro to our afternoon expedition taking pictures at the skate park near Staish's house. Never mind: people are always the real story, right?

* * * * *


Caitlin -- I'm making handwritten notes of all the posts I want to write ;)

Katie -- I don't think I realised how easy wireless makes things until here I have it again and it's bliss!

Laura Elizabeth -- good observation skilz! I was definitely being photobombed in my own house. Tain was proud of his ability to make it in the shot (again and again!). Also, I am an intense nerd so I loved that your comment included homework for me. My definition of RALIOISM is: the state of fustration which occurs when your attempts at a picture are repeatedly thwarted by photobombing attacks.

Un -- I'm back!

Carla -- internet, I love thee!

Samantha R -- I missed being more caught up on everyone's worlds. Really looking forward to being better at staying in touch. xx


  1. Some of my best friends came my way via the internet - it truly is a fantastic way of linking people with the same sort of the insanity. Alas, my friends will insist on living interstate and haven't managed to turn up in the same suburb as me...

  2. I love the internet bringing people together! Also, last week I tried to get my mum to see The Eagle with me but she wouldn't :( So I think it must be out now, have you seen it? I heard it was bad but I still want to see it!

    And I am glad that you did your homework. Good fellow nerd :)

  3. I didn't realize that's how you guys met! What a cool story. :D

    "Present husband" makes it seem like she's planning to have many. ;)

  4. She is pretty 'spesh' isn't she.

  5. Aww that's such a lovely story! Isn't God good how He brings people into your life like that. I've met some pretty awesome people online/through being penpals - such as you and your lovely cousin!

  6. Skate parts are seriously cool. Your photos are seriously cooler.

  7. That's such a wonderful story! :D It's incredible the amount of people of the same faith you can meet through the internet.

  8. You couldn't have given me better words than those you used the other day: Being friends with you revives my soul. Thank you for being my dearest friend, I understand so much more of who God is by knowing you.
    Ps. Your pictures are incredible, I an having an image affair with them. All that black and white? Amazing.


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