Sunday, July 3, 2011

Project 52: two [three, four]

Friday: we are little girls, dreaming, dawdling, playing, and promising never to be grown ups, never to sit around and just talk. Saturday: we talk, sometimes, but we still know how to build treehouses and lay hidden in the overgrown green of the next-door paddock. Sunday: we forget our promises never to be grown ups because it happens, almost, when we are not looking. Someday: someday is here, and I have grey hairs, and I cry, but not just about the grey hairs. It is someday and it's not what we expected. It's harder than we expected and it's worse than we expected. But it's easier than we expected, and it's better than we expected. Someday: and there are other little girls, and they are our little girls. One of them dreams and dawdles and plays and wants to be grown up right now. We could not slow the growing up down, and she cannot speed it up. She looks at us and wonders why we just sit around and talk. But we realise now that it's exactly what we want to do, and it is good.

* * * * *


Samantha R -- :D :D :D thank you, friend! He's a doll.

Un -- it really was :D. xx

Rebecca Simon -- yes, sorry it didn't happen! We almost got to organise something with you but plans changed before I could text. We WILL catch up sometime, I am sure!


  1. I love this :) It's so true...

  2. It is so very true. And I missed you! Glad you're back. :O)

  3. I smiled while reading this - the part about never sitting around and just talking was something I also never thought I'd want to do! But I realise now just how fast those years have gone, and I look at Mercy and want her to stay happy being a 'little girl' for as long as she can because once you're 'up' there's never going back down. And though as you say, it's good up here, it can also be hard. There's so much to learn as we travel along, isn't there? And learning to treasure very moment, every season, every good or bad, is something I need to learn most of all. Oops, I've rambled on, sorry!
    It was lovely to see you briefly while you where down this way! Much love to you, Abbie x

  4. Danielle, this has made me suddenly teary! You have such an incredible gift with words... I love how you've written this - I so relate to this sentiment! And it's always somewhat comforting to know you're not alone in your feelings (as I see from your entry, and the other comments!). I don't think even as a little girl I ever wanted to grow up... I couldn't understand grown-ups and didn't want to be one. And it certainly feels like it's happened when I wasn't looking. But yet it IS good! And it's beautiful watching the little girls of today...
    Sorry, that was rather unnecessarily long! But I praise God for your gift :) Always keep writing!! Hope all's well with you and housie and everything :) xx


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