Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in webland:

Wow. Who knew that old mate Facebook would generate so much discussion? Love him or hate him, it appears that Facebook is the guy whose parties we always want to get invited to, but who doesn't really seem to be our friend. We like hanging around him. We like the people we spend time with when we're at his place. But we really don't like how he runs things, and we especially don't like when he changes plans on us without our knowledge or permission. Plus, we're not sure about the fact that he seems here to stay, ushering in a whole new social era that has changed (and keeps changing) how we interact with each other. What a weird weird world we live in.

If you're thinking more about whether facebook is right for you -- particularly regarding privacy concerns and the company policies behind the whole thing -- you might find this article from the UK's Guardian to offer some rumination fodder (thanks to Alastair for the recommendation). Yes, I do realise that in light of that article, Twitter (which I love) and Blogger (which I love even more) also come under fire. However, I think both have managed to avoid most of the serious criticism that Facebook has brought on itself, and Blogger in particular has a great track record.

Absolutely on the other hand (and I like zee uzzer hand as much as Tevye), if you and Facebook are BFFs but you're not sure what to do with all the recent changes, you'll really appreciate Gretchen's in-depth posts, Understanding the New Facebook and Facebook Landing Pages and SSL. I hereby vote that Gretchen writes how-to posts every time our favourite technologies change things on us. It would help us all, I'm certain.

If all that Facebook talk is making you hungry, please go check out Laura's post about the amazing chocolate chip cookie dough brownies she baked. No, the post will not make you less hungry, but it will inspire you to bake something incredible to fill that void. I have not made said brownies yet. Why, you ask? Because I know I would eat the finished product and turn into a brownie myself. That is food for sporty people, not chubby book nerds.

Speaking of book nerds (chubby and thin ones alike), my friend Katie passed on a link to Writing Australia's Unpublished Manuscript Award. If you've been working on an adult literary or genre fiction manuscript, this award could open amazing doors for you. Do check it out!

New favourite artist new favourite artist new favourite artist.

Finally, two links of my own: I actually posted a review at my languishing little book blog (believe it or not) and I created a new (or, rather, replacement) tumblr. When I first joined tumblr, I used my account mainly as a bookmarking tool for stuff I found that I liked. Nebulize is less about reblogging and more about sharing little pictures, snippets, and quotes that are more instant (and shorter) than my usual blog posts. If this blog is something like my journal, then tumblr is a bunch of post-its.

And now, adieu.

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Karley -- I approve of your ironic liking.

Carla & Alastair -- I got an adorable picture in the mail todaaaaay!

Staish -- your words empower me onto a life facebook-free!

Jessica -- and there's actually something freeing about limiting connectivity, even in such a basic way. Better to have a few really great friends than hundreds of meaningless acquaintances.

An Australian Housewife -- if you do so, welcome to the ranks of facebook backsliders! :D

Tegan R -- if you're in the club, then it's bound to be cool.

Laura Elizabeth -- I'm amazed at how pervasive it is. Already today I was trying to lurk somebody from my childhood and realised that, without facebook, it isn't very possible. A good thing, I think. The comparison and feelings of missing out were definitely the worst part of facebook for me, too; all my problem, of course, but doing away with the source will hopefully help in some part. Yay for possibly clearing schedules and the chance for coffee dates! Also, FYI, you are one of the most literate people I know, typos or not. (Ooh, I just wrote typosm. I really should have left it there because of the irony).

Samantha R -- pictures are one of the best things about facebook and something I will definitely miss!

Amanda -- you're a sweetie! I'm glad we were real life friends before facebook friends. And we'll always have LJ!

Caitlin -- you can't shake me so easily and I'm glad I can't shake you!

Katie -- isn't it interesting? I feel I am more interactive via Twitter, and more of a spectator via Facebook. It's crazy. I guess that's why we call them tools, though; they have different and varied uses, and we get to decide how we use them and which ones help. I look forward to seeing how Google+ evolves. I do hope it doesn't become just another Facebook. Oh, and I so relate to your thoughts re. Facebook doing the thinking for you!

Un -- always in with you, no matter what.

Cara -- I think you nailed it. We get to peer into others' lives without actually interacting. Of course, the same is possible with any form of contemporary social media (blogging included), but it seems people take their guard down on Facebook whereas blogging requires a more far-thinking approach (at least, I think so). Yes! The Joy devotional is great! I really recommend it. I think you'd love it.

Rebecca Simon -- you're so right. We all have to decide for ourselves what is useful and what will just get in the way of a fruitful life and healthy communication.


  1. First!!!!!! Haha, remember when it was a big thing to get to be the first commenter??

    Anyhoo, thanks for the shout out! You should definitely, definitely get around to making the brownies. Maybe for Bible Study?? Or take them over to the Big House (not the jail) and leave them with the parentals?

    Also your comment on me being one of the most literate people you know warmed the very cockles of my heart. Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Ergh. Freaky. Lots of food for thought.


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