Sunday, September 25, 2011

[lately] my saturday; picture-an-hour

It was the first Saturday in many that wasn't planned out with people, events, and things-to-be-done. I even took the entire weekend off study, and had a sleep-in. So good.

10.30 -- Tumblr and reading in bed.

11:30 -- brunch! Grilled ham and cheese.

12:30 -- work for a writing project due at the end of the week.

1:30 -- my room gets some required attention.

2:30 -- hitting the road.

3:30 -- enjoying coffee with these beautiful belles.

4:30 (actually, more like 5) -- heading home.

5:30 -- amazing sunset reflected in the window.

6:30 -- dinner with my family.

7:30 -- Doctor Who time!
(I didn't finish watching this ep; too creepy!)

8:30 -- hanging out with Mum.

9:30 -- still chilling; also lurking.
(hi Hayley!)

10:30 -- the great Australian snack,
followed by exercising and organising.

12:30 (yeah, I skipped an hour) -- ablutions.

1:30 -- devotions and bed
(too late, I know! I'm working on that).

What did your weekend look like?

* * * * *


BushMaid -- his tour might be finished now. I'm not sure. I hope for your sake it's not!


  1. My weekend was crazy busy at work, we had four emergencies- usually we have zero. Then I tried to do school work and failed miserably! I went to church twice today which I really enjoyed. Now I'm watching a movie and pretending that I don't have to go back to school tomorrow :)

    Your Saturday was very pretty. Loved that pic of the sunset reflected in the window. Gettin artsy, Missy!! What DW ep was that? I'm so far behind!! The last one I watched was with the life sized dollhouse.

  2. Ooooh! Aldi box of tissues on the chair in your room! :) (I always pick out that design, I think it's their prettiest one!)
    And I love your Mum's kitchen! :) xo

  3. What a fun idea, I sort of want to steal it since my more advanced photo taking (365coughcough) is an epic fail.

    That was a creepy DW. I watched til the end but it was just...weird. Looking forward to the next one though, it looks good. :) oh and my weekend involved mostly unphotogenic things like runny nosed chilluns and recovering from my own sick. Ew. But imma email you soon...!!!


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