Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Project 52: seventeen

-- Sunday lunch, fish and chips down by the bay.

This week's 52 moments post is sneaking in incredibly past the loosely-prescribed deadline of "sometime over the weekend", but I hope you guys will forgive me. What's your favourite Sunday afternoon activity, whether in spring (if you're a southerner like me) or autumn for all you northern hemisphereans? I also want to say a hi and you-make-me-happy to new followers and new Google readers who have started reading over the past week or so. Feel free to drop a line introducing yourself. I love to make new blog friends!

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Mothercare -- you know I listen to you even more than I listen to Ira Glass, right?

Laura Elizabeth -- one day there will be a great celebration in the world where awkward people may unite and celebrate their awkwardness. I will be the one tripping over the banner.

Ruth -- heehee! :D PS. Monday night was excellentttttt! I love hanging out with you and The Help was so good.

Rebecca Simon -- thank you for sharing all my awkward joy! And thank you for forever being encouraging! How's your little person going? I dearly want you to blog more now that I can't lurk you on facebook!

Katie -- I think that quote is one of those ones I'll have to pull out about once a month. Why is it so easy to forget simple and good truths about creativity? I can't absolutely promise I'll share a scan of the newspaper photo, but if it's not toooo terrifying, I might :).

Elizabeth Fay -- I love you! Thank you for making me smile.

Elizabeth -- And I'm excited for you!

HCH -- right back at you! (only of course, I want you to sign your book with your name, obvs).

Elisabeth -- one of the simultaneous benefits and disadvantages of being the one holding the camera means that there are rarely pictures of me. Usually this is helpful!

Samantha R -- you are such a dear!! I could almost envision you waving happy cheerleading pompoms because you shared in my excitement with such enthusiasm. xxx

SandieT -- YES! I either prefer the entirely invisible audience reading my words from a distance, or the very small familiar audience of close friends and family. I'm not a fan of public speaking of any kind! The important thing is that you are using your gift; writing, listening, revising, re-working: This is the real work of any author. << This is so true. Thank you!

Cara -- you are so wise! I've been thinking a lot lately about how I measure "success" as a writer and mostly I'm discovering that I've made those markers far too narrow. As Sandie said above, the true mark of a writer is someone who works at perfecting her craft and constantly moving forward, whether that means "success" in the publishing arena or not. Your thoughts complement this idea so well. Thank you!


  1. Your photo has made me vastly hungry - it looks so delicious!

    I love lazy afternoons of playing with cats or just spending some quality time with my couch and a good book. Alternatively, nothing beats a Sunday afternoon drive back from a day of roadtripping and exploring new places with my Chef and my camera.

  2. YUM!!!!!!! That looks SO good!! I have been exceptionally hungry all day and that was just the cherry on top of the cake. Haha, all my metaphors are food ones :)

    Lazy Sunday afternoons are the best (usually with food). Ooh, I do like sunny afternoons in the pool followed by a BBQ. OR if it's raining, spending it with a good book. Basically as long as a Sunday doesn't involve homework (like mine has recently), it's a good one!

  3. Firstly...YUM! I waaaant soooome!

    And, just got around to reading your other post that you asked if I're such a dag! I'm sure it wasn't as awkward as you felt!...In fact, I'm positive, as I've been there for many of your 'apparent' awkward moments and you always seem so cool, calm and collected. Congrats on being published, and recognised and asked for your autograph for real!

    And, winning...Brian McFadden moment!?! :)

    Un x

    P.S. If I had to pick what to do for a nice afternoon relax, right now what sounds appealing would be to do some reading, have a sleep and colour in whilst devouring chocolate (I don't know where the rest of the family would be!)...And then buy favourite noodle for dinner because it would be a shame to have to cook dinner after unwinding all afternoon! :)

  4. Oh. dear.

    PLEASE do not post photos like that any more. I am trying to *stop* eating! :D

    Sunday afternoons...hum. Well, I like singing, soccer, table tennis, reading, blogging, and playing with my calf. And helping my sisters with their girls' group. And cooking sweet stuff. And a myriad of other things!

    I loove your blog, Danielle! It is so nice. I thought of various ways of 'introducing myself' but I don't know how to do any of them.

    Blessings :)

  5. That looks delish!

    I like down time on Sunday afternoons. I like to be able to read, hang out online, watch DVDs, maybe take some pictures. Preferably my chores were done Saturday and I can enjoy a clean apartment, but usually that's not the case. :P

  6. Yum. Nothing like good fish and chips.
    Yes, you're quite right - it's been an embarrassingly long time since I blogged. I'll try and concoct something soon - promise!

  7. What a yummy photo for Project 52. Never fear because I also was late in posting mine (on Monday!) but better late than never, eh?

    fav. Sunday afternoon activity? Hanging out with my siblings, reading/writing or going for a nice walk!


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