Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daybook #12

Outside my window it's been rainy and grey and wet and green and... so not summery. Dare I admit that I've been loving it?

I have been listening to not so much. I wonder why?

I have been wearing... here I confess: pyjamas. Yes, today I took a sickie and wore pyjamas.

I am thankful that school is over for the year; that a scary thing didn't eventuate; for little people.

I am pondering the idea of making a living from art, whether it's even possible in the current financial climate, and how scary it is to dive back into worlds you've been absent from.

I am reading, finally, the first of the delicious Penguin paperbacks I won. You will hear more about this.

I am creating plans for the new year, a Christmas newsletter, and a stream of half-ideas which I hope find their way to Somewhere Useful.

I am looking forward to spending time with my babies! After Christmas both my sisters and all my nieces and nephews will be here in the one place with me, my parents, and my little brother. We we we we so excited!

A picture-thought I'm sharing is her Toothy Highness, Abby Victoria. Look at her cheeks! Look at her biceps! Look at her pearlies!

* * * * *

Meg ;) -- <3 <3 <3

BushMaid -- I'm glad you enjoyed them :).

Katie -- keep me posted on whether Nancy Drew stands the test of time! Sometimes I'm scared to approach books I loved in childhood because occasionally they don't impact me the same way, or I discover they're not brilliant like I thought they were. Now I want to re-read Anne of Green Gables. I've only read it, oh, about fifteen times. But it's been a few years...

Laura Elizabeth -- once I've seen the movie of something, I usually find it impossible to make myself read the book. I'm reading a book at the moment and we have the movie nearby, but I'm resisting the urge because if I watch that movie, I WILL NOT finish the book. It's terrible! Ah, I'm glad you're going to watch Little Women again. Maybe you, too, will become more reconciled to the professor this time round.

Staish -- your blog comments always sound so creative and poetic, and occasionally I don't know how to reply. I love you!

Emily -- I like that! Sometimes I feel like Jo is the every-girl, which can sometimes make her seem like the nothing-girl. It's nice to know there are girls who've identified better with others of the March sisters. PS. I'm so glad you dropped by to leave a comment! x

Rebecca Simon -- :')

Carla -- thank you, sweet one! I loved the Christmas mail you sent! xx

Rach da Axe -- Growing up isn't always easy, but it is good. xx

Bethany -- we will both love and resonate with Jo forever, I am sure.

Eweight -- it's definitely that time of the year. I hope you get the chance to rewatch and enjoy. xx


  1. I'm sure you'll have a lovely time with all your beautiful nieces and nephews together. There'ssure to be lots of pictures. And Abby Victoria is very cute, and looks proud of her teeth, and her biceps, and her cheeks.

  2. Ohmygoodness, too cute for words. We we we we are so excited!

  3. She is ADORABLE!!!! I just want to squish her ;-)
    By the way, we are coming to your neck of the woods in Jan. Let me know if you & Lauren are around and keen for a catch-up :-)

  4. Aaaah! She's so cute! And she's mine! Can't wait til they're all together.

    And yes Bec! Would be great to catch up and meet your gorgeous little man (and maybe your big man too??)!

  5. Awww - Abby has toofers. :) I hear my wee nephew has a tooth starting to push through.
    So exciting that you get to have all the wee ones together. I'm jealous. :)
    I hope you are enjoying this relaxed time. :)

  6. Abby is so beautiful! I love her little expressions; you got some great pictures of her!


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