Sunday, February 5, 2012

Five things on a Sunday evening:

1. These Summer holidays feel as though they've gone precisely how they were meant to. I've never been one for spending hours at the beach, so the unfolding of my summer, in equal parts solid work and spending time with people I love, feels quite perfect. I've been knocking on a few doors in search of work I care about, and I'm looking forward to seeing who answers them. In my dream world, those doors would be opened by people with a strong creative and literary vision and slightly deep pockets, but I won't despise any small beginnings. I keep thinking of that parable which reminds us that the one who is faithful in little will be given opportunity to be faithful in much. I'm working on my little.

2. In the meantime -- in case you noticed -- this has not been a Summer for epic bouts of blogging -- nor reading, for that matter. January is usually a book-heavy month for me, but this January I only got three books finished, something of a record low. Restless for change, I did tweak my blog layout a little. It's nothing special, owing to my lack of html and css knowledge, so I'm thinking of it as an interim design. In the meantime, it's clean and there's lots of white, which fulfils my two primary desires when it comes to blog design.

3. While we're talking blogs, I have to tell you that my sister Lauren is now blogging. Definitely go check out her blog, which is like an online version of her: sweet, cute, and creatively inspiring. My motives in recommending her blog to you all are not entirely pure. I'm secretly hoping a fresh influx of visitors will remind her she needs to update more regularly. Hello, kettle? It's me, pot. (Since we're on the subject, I know a bunch of you over the last few months have set up new blogs, started blogging for the first time, or simply introduced me to your blog -- so many, in fact, that I've lost track. If you think you fit into one of those categories, feel free to leave a link in the comments below so I can subscribe to your blog. Do so even if I've visited recently or you think I might know the URL already. It can't hurt!).

4. Right now Instagram is buzzing every day with funny, happy, pretty pictures being snapped in response to prompts from FatMumSlim's February Photo-A-Day Challenge. My favourite thing about a challenge like this is seeing the different ways everyone interprets the prompts; it's like a window into each other's creative pysche! If you're playing along, I'd love to know and follow. My Instagram handle is ohdeardanielle. If you're not taking part, it's not too late to begin. You could start from Day 5 -- or simply take all five pictures on one day. You know you want to.

5. There were five things, but I've forgotten the last. Make up your own happy addition to this list.

* * * * *


Laura Elizabeth -- I think you're right. All that rain did not help dispel feelings of sadness. I'm happy it's sunny again for the moment. I only wish it was less HUMID.

Carla and Alastair -- you're so right, Carla. Tragedy puts some things in perspective, even while seeming to upend the world we live in. PS. Your word verification was excellent :D.

Sarah -- that's so true. If life was all sunshine and rose petals, we wouldn't need Him. And if there was only ever sorrow, how could we bear it? The strange balance, while being so unsettling at times, is really a gift of grace.

Rebecca Simon -- I'll join you in that prayer! Hug your little man from me. It was so lovely to meet him 'in real life' :).

Harri -- your comment made me happy and it made me miss you all at the same time. I was just reminiscing the other day about the Summer we revisited WA for your wedding. It was as perfect a Summer holiday as I can remember. I love you!


  1. I am adding you on IG this very instant. How much of a creepy stalker did you feel taking the picture for "a stranger"?!?!?

    Plus that picture of yours with the star and the tip of the house is beautiful. I have missed your voice in the blogging world!

  2. Also, I'm Skaramouche on IG, so that is me who is following you.

  3. Go you reading 3 books as well as all your busyness (and still thinking it's a poor effort!)...I'm slogging my way through one, and have been on the same one since before Christmas! I'm keen to get it over so I can start something written more in my style :)
    Nice to see an update! :)
    Un xx

  4. Five things:

    1. Summer is the best word ever.
    2. How lovely, Lauren has a blog, but why did it have to be wordpress? Doesn't come up on my blogger reading panel :P.
    3. New layout is the freshness!
    4. {is me}
    5. I wish I had instagram :(

  5. The layout-tweaking looks lovely and clean. Nice!

    I hope some fantastic people open these doors for you. :)


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