Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, Valentine's Day.

If I wrote a history of my love life, it wouldn’t be long enough for a novella.

I’m talking flash fiction here: less than a handful of kind and very quiet guys who paid some small measure of attention to me (sometimes without my knowledge). There was also the occasional bushman-bearded oddball who waxed lyrical about his model train set and offered to buy me Kentucky Fried Chicken, or the rural firefighter with a not-so-secret double identity as a blacksmith. But that’s not even a love life, really. It’d be more accurate to call it Varying Degrees of Interest.

Nevertheless, I love love.

I know that, for single people, Valentine's Day is supposed to be about tears and loneliness. I've had my share of both, but that's not all singleness is about. There's much more to it than that. Call me an incurable optimist, but for me Valentine's Day signals hope. Even at its worst, it's merely bittersweet. This day may remind me of a hope deferred, but it also points me toward the future -- a future that, whether there's a man in it or not, is drenched in love, because God is love.

I wrote some words about this very topic over at YLCF.org. I cried while I was writing this piece (a new first!), only a little bit because I grieved what could have been. Mostly, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for what is, and the half-aching, half-rejoicing hope found in excellent promises. Dear awesome friends who are on your own today, there is SO MUCH GOOD.

Happy Valentine's Day. I mean it.


  1. I read your article last night Danielle, and was so touched and encouraged through it - thank you for sharing so honestly in it! God is so good! Praying for you today and sending love, Abbie x

  2. That is a GREAT article! It made me cry...the tears rolling down my face kind of cry...So well written and so true, what an inspiration you are to other women in your season of life, and also those of us who aren't. You're a gem. xx

  3. That was a beautiful article, I sniffled a bit too. And I agree with Anonymous above, you are such an inspiration, dear girlie friend. :) Love you! xoxo

  4. I'm am really looking forward to reading/sobbing over your article. I can tell it's going to be good. Because you are good. I know Jesus said, "There is none good" but I'm not so sure sometimes ;) x.

    You are every so loveable to the extreme, and I know you feel loved by so many people. As for romantic love, I can't help but think you will find it, and it will be worth every day you dreamt of it :) xoxox

  5. I read your article, Danielle, and it really touched and encouraged me. Yes, being content and joyful in the Now is very important, it's a gift. I know that our Heavenly Father has a very special plan for each of His daughters, you included:)You are a very happy person, I know. God is faithful.
    May the Lord bless you always.
    love in Him,

  6. I have just one word for this:

    LOVE. (the article, and its eloquent author)

    (ok, so now you have to pretend that was one word)

  7. Your article was amazing and I really needed your wise words. Thank you!

  8. Wow. You brought me to tears...

  9. So very beautiful. God has done and is doing a beautiful work in your life Danielle! I really sense a great and genuine contentment through your writing. Bless your lovely socks off xo

  10. Your writing is lifechanging, Danielle.

  11. I loved both your article and your post. It's a subject that I am never ambivalent about. I'm either dancing around to "Single Ladies" being all 'I don't need a man' or I'm watching romantic comedies in my PJs and sobbing.

    I'm happy I have your wise words in my life!! UM... I just saw the word verification is DATYNG. Which is totally dating. Coincidence?!!?

  12. Danielle, I read your article last night, and it's so evident that you put all your heart into it. It was--poignant, eloquent, wise, personal, encouraging, and just an absolute pleasure to read, not to mention a wonderful personal reminder to me, as well. You are all kinds of wonderful and I just ask God for more strength for the both of us in this season... He is always faithful :)

    Also, have you ever taken the Myer-Briggs personality test? I'm just curious what your type is LOL because I love your personality, and I found that the MBTI was pretty accurate for me and I like it. /random thought

    Love you, dear :) I also never got a chance to thank you for your wonderful Christmas card and newsletter. I still plan on writing you back, crazy as it sounds since it's been so long already! Your address is still the same, I'm thinking?


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