Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wreck these instagrams:

Here are some random progress shots of my journal-wrecking adventures. It's become my happy little quick-burst-of-creative-fun project. Often I'll do a little bit while I am watching a show with my Mum, or late at night just before bed when I find a random scrap of something that I want to keep, but which I can't see myself making a collage from. Into the wrecked journal it goes!

Meanwhile, Instagram is my new best friend when it comes to quick snaps of the wrecking process. I know that Real Photographers purportedly loathe Instagram shots, but to me there is an odd charm in their fuzzy imperfection. It works pretty well hand-in-hand with the whole premise of the Wreck This Journal idea: aiming more for creativity than perfection.


  1. I LOVE colours! So bright and awesome.

  2. You really are not very good at colouring outside of the lines...I think you need more practise! It's way too neat :)

  3. I have become obsessed with instagram recently. I am still newish to having a camera on my phone and I love it. Yes, I like the fuzzy imperfections of instagram too!

  4. I love the writing blog. Excellent. I couldn't see where to comment on that page, so came back here. And yes, anon, I thought the same thing.


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