Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project 52: forty-three

Lunch date with my favourite Laura.
(Let's pretend I posted this at the start of the week, okay?)

* * * * *


Amanda -- I find myself looking for that little "like" button everywhere these days! :)

Joy -- thank you so much for that beautiful comment! You're exactly right. Waiting, working, and worshipping is the way to find satisfaction in our calling.

Katie -- I love moments when the external world -- even the world of blogs -- collides with exctly what we've been thinking about internally. Cheers to you and your writing dream; may it be just as fulfilling now in the "during" process as it will be when it is realised in that concrete sense.

Sarah -- YES! In fact, your comment reminded me of the verse which says something along the lines of, 'do not despise the day of small beginnings...'

Rebecca -- thank you, my friend :).

Amanda (2) -- me, too. xx

Bethany -- "Dream big dreams but then hand them to God and tell Him it's His to do with as He likes." That is brilliant. Thank you for sharing it. xx

Jessica -- that's a really good point. Because dreams are often a process rather than a result, it can feel less fulfilling when we "get there" than it did while we were working towards it. A good reminder to (and permit a hackneyed cliche to work its way in here) enjoy the journey.

Rebecca Simon -- exactly! So, so true. And doing what we're meant to do is about so much more than the finish line or a grand gesture, isn't it?

Hannah -- you're a sweetheart. Thank YOU for your encouragement.

Samantha R -- your comment reminded me of that old catchphrase: it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. Works in life as well as in sports :).


  1. Oh that looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again :)

    Haha, you can see me in the background clearly not waiting for you and already eating a chip. True Laura fashion!

    Also, I had the best time. You are my favourite Danielle!!!!!!!

  2. That looks so yum, I just ate dinner but yum

  3. YUM!! Both of those plates look delicious!

  4. I want both of those lunches! Fantastic food and fantastic company - it doesn't get much better than that.

  5. Sam saw this and said
    "Yum. That looks good. Yum. I'm hungry."


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