Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project 52: forty-two

This is not a great photo, but it sure is a great piglet.
Please can I have one? Pleasepleaseplease?

* * * * *


Meaghan -- it totally was fun times! I'm so glad I got to see that with youuuu.

Jessica -- totally Dumaresq St Cinema! You nailed it. Good memories, hey?

Katie -- would life be worth living if we actually made it to the bottom of the books-I-want-to-read pile? I guess the answer is yes, but books definitely add a lot of flavour to living.

Rebecca Simon -- close! I took the picture and that's Abby and her mama :)

Hannah -- for anyone with a connection to Queensland, it's a pretty incredible thing to look back on. I hope you find a copy of Flood for your own.

Tarissa -- thank you for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment. Enjoy your Dickens -- he's one of my favourites!


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