Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project 52: fifty-one

It's an internet cliche, but I can't help it: here, have a picture of a kitten.

PS. Next week is the last of the Project 52 pictures! I'm already cooking up my next weekly (or thereabouts) project. This time it'll be more to do with words than photos, but you know I can't blog without pictures, so there'll still be plenty of those around. Oh, and speaking of pictures, some happy snaps from the lovely end-of-uni party my family threw are over at my tumblr.

* * * * *


Carla & Alastair -- "thefeeling'smutual,darling,thefeeling'smutual."

Lauren -- it's easy when I'm writing about a cool thing :).

Laura Elizabeth -- We missed your lovely presence but there will be other times! <3 

Abbie -- thank you so much, lovely friend!

Andrea -- yes, it really was :D

Meaghan -- the feeling sunk in and then fled! But I'm looking forward to tidying my papers and packing some of my stuff away.


  1. Cute kitten!!! :)

    So glad to hear you completed your degree - what an achievement!! And your family is so cool....

    Hopefully will catch up soon (by some form of technology or even a good-old fashioned letter :) ) - I've been a bit slack in that reagrd but until then keep well and happy!!! :)

  2. Too cute! I just adore those little white paws.

  3. Well done on making it to the end of this lengthy project! I've enjoyed your shots. :) And your party looks so fun. Still wish I could've been there. :( Nice to see these though, now I'm not totally left out :)

  4. Yay!!!!! I rejoicing with you over your finished degree - and getting very excited to see what sort of amazing new beginnings this ending births. :)

    Love the cuteness of fuzzy grayness. I bet said cuteness purrs beautifully. :)
    I've been home two days,am almost half unpacked, and have "write Danielle a very LONG e-mail on the list of things to catch up on this week?
    Love you!

  5. That kitty is so cute!

    I've tagged you on my blog :D

  6. I need to have a party to celebrate that I am done with school for good.;)
    Cute picture!

  7. Kitten!!!!!!
    Congratulations on graduating, you must be so happy. Love seeing pics of your party, you are just beautiful. xx

  8. I like the new colour scheme and background!


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