Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A fly-by hi:

1. a pretty mess of spools left by the kitten; 2. chicken and mushroom gozleme which tasted amazing; 3. the Old Museum; 4. winter sky.

It is a week for tired eyes, hyperactive music students, testing out my vintage crockpot, running rather behind, and falling in love with Dickens all over again. You?

* * * * *


LivingInTheShadowlands -- thank you, lovely lady.

TheLittleBlueFishy -- :D

Carla and Alastair -- you're so right -- it was super exciting! I mean, how crazy is it that you can just bring home a new family member?! (And of course it wasn't "just" but... you know what I mean).

Andrea -- lol!

Sarah -- I'm glad you like the new colour scheme :). I'm enjoying it, too.

Caitlin -- craftycrackpot -- You nailed it; he really is such a little gentleman!

Elizabeth in Alaska -- it was a special day for sure. And re. winter in July: I still find it hard to grasp that you guys get to have Summer in July. It just seems such an oxymoron! I get the wintry December, perhaps because it's so culturally recognisable, what with Christmas and all. But not summery July!

Asea -- your comments made me so happy!! Yaaay! I've been thinking of you lately and wondering how you're doing. Your "what comes next" sounds like a delightful nerdy dream come true. Amazing! Though I admit your boosktore dream also sounds absolutely incredible, and if that actual dream comes true for you, too, then I will be so happy -- except for the witness protection part, of course.

Meaghan -- I love that you are my friend and put up with my bloggy strangeness (like personifying months and what-have-you).

Samantha R -- family's totally a treasure. And you're right about gaining a lot in spite of losses. Those challenging seasons can reap so much fruit.

Lauren -- we wish you could have been there, too! Oh well, it's not every week you move house. I hope.


  1. Dickens!? I've just started reading Bleak first attempt to read Dickens. What have you been reading? The mess left by Taxi looks picture perfect!
    Annnd I just got word from the library that the hunger games book that I reserved yonks ago is in...

  2. I love that first pic the best - that would make a good desktop wallpaper or something. It's lovely!

    My week so far as been as hectic and full of stuff as yours sounds. We are only half-way through the first week of Term Three, but I have to keep reminding myself of this fact. It feels as though several weeks have gone by already!

    I hope you're having fun in the midst of all your busyness.

  3. Falling in love with Dickens all over again!!! Yay for that!!!!!!!!!! Which Dickens are you reading?

    This week has held a sleepover at S&C's house, going to movies with a friend, and going to the Narnia exhibition in Sydney tomorrow - socialisation to the max!! :)

    Hope your tired eyes don't stay around long.....

  4. Sounds like a busy but lovely week! Hope you get some rest. And enjoy your Dickens reading! I've only ever read Great Expectations, and a long time ago at that! Maybe I should give his other books a go...

    And I must confess, beautiful as the other three pictures are, it's the second that won my heart. YUM!!! Could eat that right now...

    Love to you, beautiful Danielle! xx

  5. Are your poor eyes getting a chance to be de-stung this weekend? x


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