Friday, July 6, 2012

Project 52: fifty-two


(You can see all the posts in the project by following this tag.
And now I'm cooking up a plan for my next Project 52-esque endeavour, so stay tuned.)

* * * * *


The First Rose -- wow! Congratulations on this awesome milestone! You must be relishing in the feeling of being done... even though it looks like you haven't got too much time left in your schedule to sit breathing long sighs of relief. Your Summer looks to be amazing. Enjoy!

Andrea -- haha, among "the best in the web" according to one blog, that is. :)

Katie -- I have pondered this very dilemma myself. There would be so many more hours in which to Do Things if sleep wasn't so darn essential!

Abbie -- you're absolutely right. I guess if life is a journey, then it makes sense that we feel like we're always on the move?

Thelittlebluefishy -- if your own cafe dream ever comes true, please let us know so we can all haunt your delightful haven of bookishness and coffee! Wouldn't it be the best?

Meaghan -- and you are delightful.

Rebecca Simon -- don't tempt me!! Okay, and by "don't tempt me" I probably mean "don't make me think more about opening this cafe because at this point the only way I could do so would be to rob a bank in order to finance such a project and I'm sure that wouldn't end very well..." So yes, a happy dream! But who knows what's in the future? (I'll let you know if I get the little ebay store happening, though; I'm thinking end-of-semester project?) Oh, and contentment is always an amazing goal to be working towards. God bless you in that!


  1. Project 52: fifty-two! Impressive! I was tired after only a month of photography, let alone 12 months! Well done. :)

  2. oooh! I LOVE those pics. They are just gorgeous.

  3. I'm impressed with you! but I feel like a failure for dropping out so early on. Can't believe it's been a year already... wow. So much has happened in my life though. Sometimes it feels like an eternity.
    Oh, to only go back in time but I've gained a lot despite all the losses.


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