Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This, above, has been the Taxi-cat's modus operandi for most of this afternoon -- a restless, miaowing blur. I kind of wish she could speak English so she could let me know what's bothering her.

Finally, I set up a little nest for her under the sunniest window corner in the Housie, right next to my wobbling stack of library books. I couldn't force her to sit there, but eventually she found her way over there on her own. This was her response:

-- I think she liked it okay.


  1. Cute! I seriously can't believe you're a cat person! Dang saw this and said "woof!"

  2. I agree with Andrea - can't believe you have become a cat person! She IS cute though, so it's understandable ;)

  3. This is so cute - we too wonder what gets in to our cats at times - they act so crazy! All they need is a bit of tlc though- quite like us as humans I guess! ;)
    I've enjoyed reading your former posts - and have wanted to comment, but, well, right now I'm just trying to :live: :).
    Much love! xx

  4. What a sweet-heart. :)


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