Tuesday, March 12, 2013

(another) fly-by hi:

This week is squished pretty full, so I'm leaving this here as a kind of fly-by filler post while I gather thoughts for something more substantial. I'm laughing now as I look at the photo collage I've compiled, since this looks like a dream existence: all play, and no work. There's work going on, certainly -- uni and my two part-time jobs which spread themselves over four days each week -- but it's the play that makes the difference, isn't it? You can slog on through most things if there are small windows of time to be with cool people, to prepare nice food, to soak up the sunshine, to make things with your hands.

What keeps you sane?


  1. Currently I feel as though I may go insane, seeing as I've been pretty much housebound for almost three whole weeks. I feel like little outings must be my sanity! :)

  2. Sleep and pretty flowers and hugs from my husband and God time!


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