Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The List of Great

i. I cannot tell you how good it is to have a camera again. Even though it is an interim little point-and-shoot that cost less than a hundred dollars, has very limited function, and frequently takes bad pictures, I feel like someone has found an amputated limb of mine and reattached it.

ii. Yesterday the postman not only brought me a parcel from Western Australia, but he also delivered a beautifully-written letter from Kansas. With pictures.

iii. On top of that, a very talented friend drew a picture of a character from a story I'm writing and she totally nailed him, right down to his mannerisms.

iv. On top of even that, the sunset last night was quite ethereal. No one can really do sunsets justice by describing them, so I won't try.

v. My littlest brother has decided to call me Dan or Dani and while in the past I resisted such attempts from other acquaintances, somehow it sounds perfectly alright coming from his little mouth.

vi. Some deadlines are beginning to be Quite Beaten, which makes me feel relieved.

vii. There are new books on my desk to read.

viii. Bible study is on tonight with a very awesome group of people and so that makes me eager.

ix. Spring is sniffing around the fringes of Winter. Hurrah!



Staish -- Moleskineaholics Anonymous.

Tegan -- did you find some secondhand books to use in cards and collages? It's such fun cutting into them!

Melody -- welcome to the Moleskine Appreciation Society!

Abbie -- you'll have to let me know if you try a Moleskine, and then tell me what you think of it :). I could talk about journals all day long and I get so inspired hearing what others do with theirs! xox

1 comment:

  1. I agree that no 9 is a very great thing!!! Bring on spring and summer. I can't wait!!!

    And no 7 too is good. New books - what fun!!!


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