Thursday, August 28, 2008

The List of Thoughtful and/or Fascinating

I am unwell today, glued to the couch with a rug over my knees and a DVD of people with very wonderful Scottish accents playing in the background. So I have nothing remarkable of my own to say. But I've had time to skim at least a few of the over 400 posts clogging up my feed-reader. And it means I can share a little of the goods with you.

i. I didn't know that the ESV Bible had a Twitter! Each day, a fresh verse of Scripture is posted. This is a super idea.

ii. I love Batman. I've been a fan since I first heard Robin's cries of "Holy mashed banana, Batman!" on afternoon television when I was still in primary school. So when I heard there would be a sequel to Batman Begins, I was excited. But as news and reviews started to filter in nearing the film's release, I began to have my doubts. The movie sounded dark. Very dark. Did I really want to step into a theatre and soak myself in that darkness for more than two hours? Matt Kaufman talks about it better than I could.

iii. I am kind of in love with these journals and notebooks.

iv. And as if I don't already have enough, these Don't Waste Your Life journals at DesiringGod look very cool, too. Sort of Moleskine-like. And I like what DG says about journal-keeping:

"These field journals are a place to write out your thoughts as you journey toward that end. We designed them with Truth Content to be a reminder that every day of your life has great significance in Christ. Use these journals for everything, big or small, heavy or light. Meditate on the Scripture. Reflect on your day. Write a poem. Pen a song. Sketch an idea. Jot down an observation or experience that you don’t want to forget. Use these journals when you're traveling, in the office, at church, at school, in a coffee shop, at home...anywhere. Make much of Christ with your thoughts and dreams and plans, and they will not be wasted."



Caitlin -- amen to bringing on Spring and Summer! Well, maybe not a Queensland summer... but spring, for sure!

Suzanne -- It's a big country, that's for sure :).


  1. Huh. Do you think that maybe they are just special edition Moleskines? I've seen them branded for university departments and stuff before...
    Love Staish.

  2. I linked to you from your comment on Donald Miller's blog so that I might humbly request an honorary membership in the Sexy Carrot Society. What do you say?


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