Monday, September 1, 2008

1st of September

Goodbye, Winter.

Hello, Spring!

(to see pictures from Sunday, the last day of Winter, go here and keep clicking the left arrow)

Random spammer -- please refrain from using my blog for free advertising. It makes life more difficult for everyone else.
Staish -- Ooh, they might be special edition Moleskines. That is super!
Beth -- welcome to the Society, oh fellow fan of the Miller!


  1. You're in thongs and tee-shirts for the last day of winter! Wow! We were inside in front of an open fire!:-) It was great to see all the photos - and I loved seeing more of your room:-)The photo of the quilts packed away was lovely...Happy Spring to you!

  2. Oh right! We're all backwards here. I am excited because we're coming into my favorite season - AUTUMN! Oh the scarves and hats I shall don!! Sigh...Don. I heart him. Thanks for allowing me into the society! I feel so sexy.

  3. Ah, it's Spring there. And here it is just now fall. I love both of those seasons. :)


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