Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Don Key-oh-tay, okay?

The problem with growing up and reading a bunch of books that no one else around you seems to read is that you come out -- like, ten years later -- and start talking about Don Quixote like he's a guy who knows how to make porridge really, really fast instead of being a Spanish anti-hero type with a very Spanish-sounding name. I can still feel the embarrassment.

I was probably in my teens before I realised that misled is not my-zld, but miss-led. And it only dawned on me a few years back that awry was actually said a-rye and not awe-ry. Boy.

Today, however, I discover it's not just foreign words or the lesser-used ones that I can mess up. My family roared in laughter when I said nuclear. Nuclear, right? New-clear? Apparently not. And here, the girl who has frequently mocked American folk for their bizarre nuke-u-lar, discovers that nuclear is, in fact, a three-syllable-word. It's nu-cle-ar, folks.

I'm probably the only person on the planet who didn't realise that.

Not, thank goodness, the only person who mispronounces words, though. Abraham Piper confesses he puts an 'n' in legitimate. I remember a friend once saying compromise as promise with a com in front of it. What do you say all wrong?



Bethany -- thank you!! xox

Amanda -- I will pass on your kind wishes.

Lis -- I'm so glad! Your comment made me hunt out that poem and re-read it. Such good stuff.

Abbie -- new babies are super. We're all just so spoilt to get to hug and smoosh and squish them!


  1. You should check out the "This American Life" episode called "A Little Bit of Knowledge". You can stream it for free from their website. The middle section is on this. :)

  2. I remember when I was a lot younger saying stomach but pronouncing it stow-match. Well, that's what it's spelt like, isn't it? :) Needless to say, my family have never forgotten it and still talk about it even though it happened over 10 years ago. Isn't it funny what mistakes we make?

    BTW, I hope you are enjoying that new little nephew of yours!!!!!

  3. Inevitable. It's still one of those words I have to think about for ages before I attempt to say it. :P

    I love your way with words DD... "some guy who knows how to make porridge really really fast..." :D You're awesome!

  4. Haha - just read this post and it made me want to comment even though I never have before. So hi, I really like your blog and your amazing way with words.
    And, try saying "debut" as "de-butt" - as I did when running a quiz night many moons ago... highly embarrassing!


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