Monday, September 8, 2008

Kleenex and JJ Heller and me

Last night, I told my mother that we are both awesome for having got through the whole of winter without catching any of the insidious bugs that everyone else seems to have and wants to share around.

This morning, in glorious proof of that old proverb about pride and falls and going before, I woke up to a raw throat, eyes that will attempt to close in spite of my best efforts, and a nose that's confusing itself with a dripping tap. Hmm. And I was going to achieve so very much today.

However, there were several cheering things about today, and one of those I can share with you is news of a beautiful new album by JJ Heller, which she is giving away for free -- or a donation, if you are not a poverty-stricken writer.

I had read her blog at the recommendation of a friend, and though several people raved about her music, I hadn't had a chance to listen to any for serious until today. And though I'm only two songs into the album, I am completely enchanted. This is just the sort of music I love, produced for reasons I love, about a God I love. And I think it is amazing and super and neat that JJ Heller is giving it away. Go and check it out yourself. Bravo, JJ!



Beth -- you and Don: blog peeps together forever! (do you think it's a sign?) Ooh, I am so happy you brought up early Christmas shopping because I was looking at Christmas pictures and totally getting into a festive mood. You can expect a post with my thoughts soon :).


  1. Once my whole family were sick with a vomiting bug and Mum and I were the only ones who hadn't had it yet. When almost everybody were well Mum and I were commenting on how we must have been very healthy. The next day both of us were sick. I have never said that again.


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