Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday meme :: poetry

monday; the forecast --
a high pressure system
hovers off the coast.

thoughts gather:
grey thoughts,
cluttered thoughts,
bunched together in storm-size strength.

lightning strikes;
a piercing electric current
of worry

tension mounts;
the climate rises.
the air --
thick, suffocating, humid --

stop a while;
stop and dip your fingers
in the cooling stream
of living water.

[prompt here]



Staish -- sometimes you wonder. But the cool thing about God (correction: one of the many cool things about God) is that He won't let us languish in ignorance or misinformation. It's so relieving to know that we can stumble along and yet, 'He is able to keep [us] from falling'.

Abbie -- thank you for your encouragement!

Anonymous -- there is definitely a fine line between the extremes of putting God's provision to the test and refusing to trust Him at all. How good to know that He also makes provision for our weakness and guides us to a better understanding of His ways (and, as a result, our responses) through the Word and the Holy Spirit.

Meaghan -- it's very cool. I would be mental without that knowledge! No, I haven't seen the movie; you'll have to let me know what it's like if you watch it! xox

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