Friday, October 3, 2008

P.S. I Love You[r Comments]

A big shout-out thanks to Beth, Sarah, Staish, Abbie, Caitlin, and Meaghan for joining the Wednesday discussion about causing love to happen vs. loving others and then seeing what happens. Go read their comments because they make for good thinking matter.

I wouldn't have minded if some of you disagreed with me, but it was strangely heartening to find that all of those who took time to comment are essentially on the same side of the fence; heartening in a purely personal way because it's usually in trepidation that I send my little thoughts out into the world of interwebishness -- (does anyone even believe the same things any more?) It's encouraging to know that there are a few who do -- just as it keeps us on our toes to be in discussion with those who don't. That way, we continue learning.

This whole concept of trusting in God for love rather than trying to crash into it ourselves is a pretty precious one to me. As a single woman in my late[r] twenties, it's tempting to look over the past and think, "What have I done wrong?" Others ask the same questions. Am I too fat? Too skinny? Too small-town-girl? Not assertive enough? Not holy enough? Not Proverbs-31-Jennifer-Hawkins enough?

Every now and then, the insecurities can become overwhelming. Are the in-your-face girls the only ones who become brides? Perhaps we're hanging too hard on to old-fashioned mindsets?

Yesterday I was pondering this subject some more. There are all sorts of answers from all sorts of perspectives. But, ultimately, I ask: how does grace fit into the picture?

Everything God has done for us in the realm of eternity is flooded over and dripping with grace. If He chose to bestow the dual gifts of eternal life and fellowship with Him in one gigantic act of unconditional grace, how can we assume that lesser gifts will be characterised by lesser grace? He did not call us to be "good enough" for salvation, or to work our way to its end. Is He going to hold out on offering the gift of marriage because we're not "good enough" or not working hard enough, either? Our Lord is one of grace.


  1. Ah, but my dear, you just happen to be one of the few who is doing it all r.i.g.h.t!

  2. Reading this reminded me of your latest article in 'WM' and also reminded me to thank you for writing that and then this last post - you're always so encouraging! Thankyou!

  3. I think that everything you said is very true, but I also think that people can lock themselves in the cupboard, so to speak, and not be ready to walk the roads that God wants you to walk. I suppose there is a fine line in the middle isn't there.

  4. That concluding paragraph says it all. How cool is it to know that God always does what is best for us? :)

    PS - I love you(r title). :) Have you seen that movie? We haven't, but it looks kinda cool.

  5. PS - thanks for bringing Twitter back!


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