Thursday, November 27, 2008

God is great... in innumerable ways

I'd dreamed of writing a post on God's greatness every day of this past week. Apparently, that was one dream destined not to come true.

It's been a week so full of good things that I haven't remembered to eat at the proper times, let alone visit the happy land of Internet -- which, in itself, is one of God's greatnesses to me. Not the forgetting to eat, I mean, but the good things. God has revealed His greatness to me this year in surrounding me with beautiful people who love Him and love others and point me heavenward. He's shown me His greatness in the smiles and chubby hand-holds of my tiny niece and nephew. He's shown me His greatness in keeping my family safe in spite of travels criss-crossing the country all year long. He's shown me His greatness in providing all I need for physical health and security. He's shown me His greatness in the constant reminders of His character as revealed in the Psalms. He's shown me His greatness in making me wait when I want some things now. He's shown me His greatness in His mystery.

God is great -- in 2008, and always.



Beth -- new contacts or specs coming up? I think I may be needing some next year, too.

Staish -- I really *should* read that most famous of ridiculous books.

ASourceofJoy -- I just made a few posts on the theme -- as you can see -- but it was an awesome exercise in looking for evidences of God's goodness this year. Is your lappy up and running again?

Karli -- tags, yay!! I'll be doing your tag meme soon :).

Bethany -- an award? Ooh!


  1. Hi Danielle,

    Just wanted to say that I have tagged you :)

    Rach Axelby

  2. Isn't it amazing all the ways God is so great ,and we don't even realise!!! I'm definitely with you on the niece factor though unfortunately my niece doesn't love me very much yet! :)

  3. God is Great!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Thanksgiving (even if you don't have a turkey day!)

  4. Such a beautiful post...thank you for sharing. :-)

    And yes, I did finally get the lappy working again - PTL!


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