Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend XIII :: in pictures

If a picture tells a thousand words, there's something like 97,000 to document my Saturday: over at flickr.

Beth -- now there's a question! Last year, we were all organised and made up Christmas wishlists, but this year we haven't given it half as much thought. I, for one, love surprises so I tend not to anticipate "what might be". How about you? *goes off singing All I want for Christmas is youuuu*


  1. Uhhmmm...I'm going to go with vision insurance and some Benefit moisturizer.

  2. Hi Danielle.....I have tagged you!!

  3. I don't know why it is so fun to see photos from other's lives! At least, I think it's fun...
    I had to laugh at your Lorna Doone photos and captions. My sisters and I just saw Lorna Doone for the first time last summer while snapping 100 pounds of beans! Oh, and isn't IMDB a sanity saver? "Where did I see that face...where did I hear that voice..." Those troubling thoughts come no more!


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