Monday, November 24, 2008

God is great... in the small things

God is an intensely personal God. And this year especially, He's reminded me of His love by unexpected little everyday miracles.

It's kind of embarrassing to confess that my primary love language, according to all the little tests, is gifts. (It makes me sound like the greedy kid at school whose birthday party you went to and were horrified at the present-opening rampage you witnessed as a result.) But it's true: somehow, small tokens of affection make me feel all loved and warm and fuzzy.

It makes sense that God, who somehow saw fit to place that little quirk somewhere in my personality, would reveal His love in similar ways. It's happened over and over this year: a long-overdue cheque arrives just when I'm down to my last penny. A fat letter from a friend comes in the mail on a grey day. I find a bargain just when I am in need of something new to wear. A secular fiction book offers me a lesson on life and faith that is right for me in that very moment.

It happens too often to be coincidental. No, these small miracles are everyday reminders of the God who sends "every good and perfect gift".



Caitlin -- it's crazy that these most important things are the ones that are easiest to forget. Argh! Love you! xox

Beth -- I'm so glad God's lesson for me blessed you in the retelling.

Staish -- oh, clarity! It's awesome when it appears.

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