Monday, December 8, 2008

I wish --

Some days -- like today -- the wishes come thick and fast, large white clouds across the blue of my skyline.

I wish I could create something, anything, that would make people smile and go on their way with their heart a little lighter.
I wish I saved my best smiles and frowned less for the people I care about most, instead of offering the smiles, out of politeness, to people who don't know me as well or care as much.
I wish I had the courage to wear quirky things in spite of what fashion says.
I wish I could string words together so the sentences would make someone's heart skip a beat or their breath catch in their throat.
I wish I'd remember more often to go outside and kick a ball around with my brother.
I wish I could see the storybook elements in my own life instead of assuming that other people's worlds are more fairytale than my own.
I wish I had never wasted a minute of what God has been doing in my life so far.

I wonder: will Heaven be the ultimate fulfillment of our unsated longings, or will they perhaps be swallowed up in a greater, overwhelming, glorious fulfillment unlike anything we've ever imagined?



Tegan -- your comment was such a delight! I love you, too, precious friend!

Beth -- thank you!! Sometimes I embrace my inner curl :).

Staish -- AAAhaha!! I'll be sure to tell Lauren to bite me sometime in the future. ;)

Aunty Nell -- hee! Thanks :).

Celeste -- so glad it was a blessing! *hugs* [ps. where did your blog disappear to?]


  1. I wish that heaven could be both.
    Is that greedy?

    When did you go to the art gallery?
    I tried to go yesterday but failed to get past the parking situation :(

  2. And some of your wishes have been true. It's just that you don't know it. But we do. :) *hugs*

    I hope many more of your wishes come true.

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if those things all came true in this life?

  4. I don't think heaven will be either. It's the cycle of wishes and fulfilment that we value.

    Did you really wish all of those things today?

    And I always had a soft spot for the silver ball pool.

  5. I can only imagine!


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