Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's a lovely day for a game of tag.

And apparently I'm "it". There've been tags and thingummies flying at me from all over the place, so let's bundle them all together in this post -- since it's too hot to play the real thing outside anyway.

Karli and Rachael both tagged me for the six by three meme. So here we go...

Six things I value:
+ the comfortableness of family
+ the steadfast love of friends
+ the strange loveliness of the worldwide church
+ the death of a perfect man for a bunch of otherwise losers
+ the existence of eternity
+ babies and their adorable fatness

Six things I don't support:
+ the global domination of cockroaches
+ spiders and their evil influence
+ the necessity of driving
+ no dessert before the main meal
+ the destruction of old books
+ humidity in high doses

Six people I tag:
+ you
+ you
+ you
+ you
+ you
+ you (I throw this tag open to the world!)

Meaghan tagged me with this one: The 15 factoids meme.

The rules:
Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog post with 15 weird random things -- facts, habits, goals, or anything about yourself. At the end, post a picture, and choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them to be tagged.

The facts:
+ I am really, really, really sunburnt. I've been slathering my neck with Aloe Vera Gel. The result is both soothing and greenish.
+ I love checking the mail but I haven't received anything handwritten for ages.
+ The above is decidedly my fault, seeing as I owe the entire universe letters, and not the other way around.
+ I frequently paint or draw right onto my brother's face. It's more fun than canvas.
+ For about one day, I had less than six books on my bedside table. This is like a world record for me.
+ Spiders haunt me, but for some reason I'd like to see Arachnophobia.
+ Lately my tastebuds seem to be changing, and stuff I previously liked I no longer like -- and, of course, the opposite.
+ But I don't think I will ever truly love tomato.
+ I have an epic scar on both my left and right legs because I was born with severe bilateral talipes. Thirty-two stitches at a few months old. Yowch.
+ My feet are still a teeny bit jellybean-shaped.
+ I like boys' movies better than girls' movies.
+ And books written before 1970 better than books after (generally, not exclusively).
+ Stickers are still as exciting to me as if I were six years old.
+ So is Christmas.
+ Making lists gives me an inexplicable sense of contentment.

The picture:
is at the top of the page and my sister tells me my eyes look weird. But there you have it.

The tagged:
include whoever wants to give this little game a try.

Finally, Bethany gave me an Uber Amazing Blog Award, which was super nice of her! Here's how it works:

+ Put the logo on your blog or post
+ Nominate blogs that you think are super.
+ Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing reward by commenting on their blog.
+ Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
I nominate:
absolute strangers who will likely never know, but whose blogs I love reading all the same.
+ Abraham Piper at 22 Words has, in my opinion, The Ideal Blog. I guess it helps if you're witty, intelligent, and well-grounded in theology -- and his blog is certainly all of that. In complete randomness, thoughts about daddies and diapers are interspersed with comments on culture and faith -- and all in twenty two words.
+ On Like Popcorn is one of those blogs I just stumbled across in some crazy surfing, and now I keep popping back for little visits, even though I feel tuggings of the embarrassed stalker emotion welling up, when I consider that a) this is someone's personal blog, and b) I've probably never even left a comment to say that I'm reading. But I recommend it to you all the same: this guy writes good.
+ Notes by Naive is pure lusciousness in blog form. Tommy's posts are picture-filled journeys of delight which make me both want to travel and eat nice foods.
+ Sarah Clarkson's observations about words and travel and faith at Itinerant Idealist are ethereal, lovely, and inspiring.
Still reading, all the way down here? You deserve an Uber Amazing Reader award! Pat yourself on the back!
Staish -- you're awesome. The end.


  1. Hello dearest Danielle,
    Thanks for the post. It made me laugh. It also made me realize I agree with you on alot of things. Like loving babies and their adorable fatnes.It just makes them all the more fun to cuddle, doesn't it? Hope you are having a splendid evening.
    Love you lots, Tegan

  2. I don't know if your eyes look weird (having never actually seen you before), but your hair looks great!

  3. ...and did you say,
    'Oh, sister, dearest one, how about you bite me because I am the epitome of deliciousness itself- ESPECIALLY in that picture!'?

  4. Thanks for doing the taggy thingy DD! I loved reading it. Sorry I haven't been around in ages - it's been more hectic than ever these past couple of weeks... but now we're on holidaaaays for 2 whole weeks! Whoo! :) Love you lots, and hope to catch up properly soon! xox


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