Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend XV :: sunshine and rain and motorbikes, oh my!

My entire Monday has consisted -- except for a few brief but happy interludes on the phone -- in pushing words and pictures around on the page as I prepare the mag for proofing. As a result of prolonged staring at a screen, all my words have evaporated, so I'll leave you instead with just a handful of them, along with pictures, from my weekend.

[I cleaned out my drawers -- and was so happy with the charming neatness that I took a picture.]

[I found money! (this never happens to me)]

[We went to the Gold Coast speedway. It was cold. And wet!]
[But there were bikes zooming at ridiculous speeds round a dirt track and just generally being dangerous and impossible to catch on film. Also meat pies and people wearing very Speedway-ish fashions and haircuts. Mullets a must.]

[I picked up six new-old Ellis Peters books at the Chandler Markets. These babies are hard to find so I'm very happy!]
[And it's my precious friend Meaghan's birthday today. There she is on the far right of the picture from long, long ago. I love you Meaghan!]

Amanda -- your comment cracked me up! Did you finish the chocolate and then start being nasty to sugar? ;)

Bethany -- you certainly must try some Elisabeth Elliot. Let me know what you think!

Carla -- will a virtual hug suffice? Here is one *0 hug 0*. I love you heaps. And I'm so happy you're blogging!

Meaghan -- aren't the shoes just so cheery? You are delightful. Happy birthday, lovely one! (It was so lovely chatting to you). xox


  1. I used to go to that very same speedway when I was a young 'un. Only a few years ago, mind you.

    Sugar and me are mostly enemies now. Only, when he is so sweet I find it hard to be mean to him.

    Happy Birthday Meaghan! Did your day begin like Carla's birthday with a big bang?

  2. We were just wondering whether Carla had a blog??
    Very good post :)

  3. I love your make-up, so cute!

    ...and just as I was about to ask you what a speedway was.

    Your Adorability: Extreme.

  4. ugh!
    I just made a huge comment and lost it!
    ...waving... hi.
    too tired for more.

  5. DeeDee... what are Bronzing Balls??? Am I completely out of touch with the girly world of makeup that I don't know what they are and am making a fool of myself here, in public???


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