Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best mail day:

Monday brought me the coolest mail. An envelope came from my grandmother with a beautiful card and, enclosed with it, a postcard she received for her birthday in 1942, and a tiny faded photograph depitcing her as a young girl (long, skinny legs and all), along with her sister and several old aunties (no guess as to what'll be the subject of my flashback Friday post this week). Also, a whopping great big parcel came with my first study units of my degree. I am officially a student again! So very, very excited.
It's a bachelor of arts with a creative writing major (*squee*) and I'm studying externally through Tabor College. I started work yesterday and already I find myself in the middle of writing a poem. Yes, yes. This is good stuff.


  1. How great to hear about your new studies! And so lovely that you're able to do it from home and also through a Christian college! Have fun studying!

  2. Tabor?! you should be studying on campus then so you're a local. i know lots of people who are going or have been to Tabor. :)

  3. Hee :). I like Queensland too much. But hey, maybe I'll bump into some of your peeps somehow online...


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