Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Zealand :: landscapes

The incredibly breathtaking Mt. Taranaki, which watches over the city in majestic incongruity.

One of the Sugar Loaf islands
(near the lookout where Lauren and James got engaged)

The foreshore at New Plymouth.

Doesn't the water even look Southern?

The lake at Pukekura Park, where the water reflects the overhanging blossoms and ducks hover hungrily in hope of crumbs.
Mt. Taranaki, shrouded in snow and cloud.

Downtown New Plymouth.

And this little footbridge, nestled away among the ferns,
is one I feel sure would inspire Monet.


  1. Very beautiful! Makes me want to go to NZ - more than I already did! Of course I'd have to come to Australia to see you first. Oy, money. Sometime I will have enough to make this happen...

  2. I want to go there now!

  3. You both absolutely definitely SHOULD go there.


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