Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Zealand :: precious people

I got to meet in real life one of my loved-but-previously-unmet friends, Holly, her husband Bryan, and their cute babies. That was an extra treat.
I took walks with my family along an amazing grey-and-green windswept coastline.

My little brother showed he hasn't lost his sense of cool (bike helmet for the win!).

We squished...

And ate good things.

We squished some more...

And enjoyed the togetherness.

We looked at excellent stuff (toy museum!)...

And met new friends.

Finally we had to say goodbye --
but we said it with smiles.


  1. Thanks so much for all the pictures!! They're lovely - hope you're not missing your family too much now you're back in Brisbane!!!

    Love you lots!!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely time away! Nice to see photos of the family!
    New Zealand is a place we'd like to holiday at oneday. Did you get to see much scenery? Was it as pretty as people say? :)
    With love, Beth

  3. I love the photo of Tain and the toy museum! :) So cute!
    You must have had so much fun together catching up and going places! Thanks for posting these lovely photos!
    Lots of love and hugs, Abbie

  4. Meeting new friends looks like such fun! I love all the pictures from your amazing trip out of the country.;)
    Tain is still very cool. And yeah.:D


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