Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today had some stinky elements in it which made me feel down. But then some things made me happy:

1) this video by Improv Everywhere. It filled me with Christmas cheer and also made me want to go to Manhattan immediately.

2) my cousin, Annie, sent me a little for-no-reason-at-all-except-love parcel and it hit my mailbox today, completely unexpected! It filled me with a warm glow :). And yes, I do have the world's best cousins.

3) information about my newest sponsor child came in the post, and I opened the envelope to see an adorably cheeky little brown boy staring out at me with gorgeous dark eyes.

4) this charismatic little dude singing Jason Mraz's I'm Yours, not knowing any of the words, and not caring in the slightest.

I hope your day is filled with happy.


  1. We can see why these cheered up your day! We've all been brightened up by sitting here together watching these two clips. :-) Thanks for sharing them. Hope the rest of your afternoon was happy! Love to you all from us all.

  2. Lovely, DD!!! I know what you mean about the stinky elements in a day, but then having something brighten it for you - thanks for sharing these, as that's just what they did for me! xo

  3. Oh, and Alastair said on the phone to me the other night, just out of the blue "oh, I just want to meet the Careys." :) xo


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