Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend XIX :: and a poem

We file in,
seat ourselves in ragged rows
and perch on the rims of our chairs,
expectant and perspiring.

The great building
rumbles with the hum
of six-hundred murmured contentments;
we all
bless the air conditioner.

Then lights,
fifty tiny seraphs,
blink into the overhead.

Music swells,
rolls forward,
and washes over us;
we all
bless the Christ-child.

This was the weekend when it truly started to feel like Christmas. I went shopping with my mother and sister, my little brother dragged against his will but uncomplaining through crowds that resembled a mental illness. We balanced bags stuffed with purchases on chairs while we ate a late lunch (chicken katsu over rice at my new favourite place). I failed to find shoes for my absurdly strange feet but it didn't make me cry, this time.

This was the weekend when I went to a movie with my sister and soon-brother-in-law. I felt my face frozen in tension at all the scariest spots and knew that James was groaning at the CGI effects, but I suddenly didn't care that, in being swept up by the intensity, I was not Very Grown Up -- and then, ironically, the not caring what other people think made me feel quite grown up indeed.

This was the weekend when I finally had a sleep-in, when I finished a delicious book, when I joined my family for a carols service at our church, when I was reminded of Jesus' message to the captain in Matthew 8: "What you believed could happen has happened."

What was this weekend, for you?


  1. This weekend for me? Well it started with an early look at a garage sale with littliest sister, (with the bonus of finding some small treasures!) finding joy in cleaning and vacuuming the house, an unexpected gift of flowers and most delicious tiny handmade chocolate muffins from our neighbours, baking a rice pudding, going to church, travelling home listening to hymns, reading and resting, and gladly welcoming home Grace after she spent two weeks with B&J! It's been good! It was fun to read about your weekend, and I hope you have a lovely week! Much love to you,and all your family! Abbie

  2. I worked all of Saturday, and my students were lovely.

    Yesterday I embroidered most of the day, then dolled myself up and went to this, but not the cinema version, the live version. INCREDIBLE. Plus we sat in the Tsar's box. And ate caviar. It was altogether extravagant. And then after I went home with my friend to tickle her children and eat cake and drink tea and muddle Russian and English together into the craziest of conversations.

    And THEN, even though it was far too late, my roommate and I sat up with cocoa and watched Leverage together. *happy sigh*

  3. Sleeping in is delightful!
    We had a holiday market that was a huge success. Spent time with relatives. Went to a concert that Andrew was in. Taught his family a new card game. Made it to the Messiah practice. It twas lovely.;)
    What book did you finish?
    Yes, not caring what people think it when you grow up somewhat.;)


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