Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Journal XXI :: It's a littleme!

As indulgent as it feels to sit down amongst the Everything and write these little posts, I cling to them as evidence that the world is still the familiar and cosy place that I know. When I was small, I relished the unexpected. More recently, though, Change and I have had a rather strained relationship. And just now -- with the looming wedding (only 3 and a half weeks away) of my sister and super-pal -- I hold on to the small things that convince me that life is moseying on as usual.

My mother and littlest brother flew back to this side of the country, arriving last Thursday night, and intend to stay until after the wedding. As much as Lauren and I find it cool to "own" this big house and live in a girly paradise (okay, it would be a girly paradise were there not a rather desperate fiance forever lingering in the wings), things are so much more fun when more of the family are around. I mean, when it's just Lauren and I here, things like small brothers impaling their hands with dining forks or attempting to lasso unsuspecting sisters as they climb the stairs just don't really happen.

Our weekend reflected the happy change of pace with everyone mingling between work and study and a picnic and a bonfire and church. On Sunday, we got to spend time with the excellent family that is Ruth & Jonno, plus say goodbye to Ruth's sisters, Hannah and Grace, who were -- sadly -- zipping back to the US of A. Amongst soup and chocolate cake, we talked internet lingo to one another like dorks, discussed mutual Doctor Who appreciation, laughed at the always excellent antics of small children, cooed over an exceedingly cute little chubby baby, and launched plans for a hippie commune that will save the world.

Hannah pretty much made my weekend by giving me one of her amazing artworks (above) featuring a much smaller, much cuter me! It's truly adorable -- she's so clever. I hope one day to go into Borders and buy books that have been illustrated by her -- and I believe it will happen because she's that good.


  1. The painting is so. very. clever. And I hear you about change!

  2. Hi Danielle,
    In case you hadn't heard, I wanted to let you know that Natalie (Nyquist) Ference is starting up a magazine again - sort of in place, or as a continuation of Hope Chest. The web for it is (http://www.pursuebeauty.blogspot.com) I would have emailed it to you, but I don't think we have your email anymore.....

  3. I am madly in love with that artwork. Amazing! Adorable! She so talented!!!!

  4. Love it!

    Sounds like even though change is tough, it's involving lots of good things (and is keeping you busy).


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