Friday, June 4, 2010

Absence ensues:

Hello, you.

Since I am rather better just now at not blogging than I am at actually posting anything, I thought I would legitimise my absence and make it official by declaring a two or three week hiatus -- which allows time for the flurry of guests to arrive, the wedding bells to ring, essays to be completed, the flurry of guests to leave, and the ripples to subside just a little. It's only eight more sleeps until my little sister's big day, and all is buzzing in preparation. At the same time, I'm winding up semester one at uni and have five assignments to hand in over the next fortnight. These two, combined with the merry distraction of extra family members and guests coming and going, conspire to fill the next couple of weeks quite to the top, yes thank you indeed.

So I will leave you for just a little while (with this picture of Lauren's bridal shower cupcakes as proof of my love for you all) and return when the excitement begins to wear down -- hopefully bearing many pictures of beaming bride and triumphant groom. Until then!

PS. Three things: 1) my friend Katie has started a gorgeous blog -- What Katie Wears -- which will chronicle her fashion adventures. 2) I wish I was going to the David Crowder Band's Fantastical Church Music Conference! 3) I'm looking eagerly forward to the first issue of my sub to Poetry magazine arriving in my mailbox. Hurry, postie!


  1. Wow! Only 8 sleeps till Lauren's wedding...that sure has come up quick! :)
    Praying for you all in this last, busy, mixed -emotions week....and very much looking forward to watching all the happiness and excitement unfold next Saturday!
    Much love! Abbie x

  2. So delighted to make a wee bit of difference. Praying for you in all the new! <3

  3. Just 8 more days! Wow! :) How big will the wedding be? Time sure flies when you're busy...
    I hope your studies/papers go well and you get good grades. hopefully you can concentrate amidst the flurry of activity around you! ;)

  4. Hey dee dee, can't wait to see you soon! and to see your blogging resume soon!

  5. Those cupcakes look delicious! I wish I could sneak a hand into that photo and nab a couple for my dessert right now...

    I hope all goes well for the wedding and that you have a fantastic time and then tell us all about it in your blog.

    Thanks so much for the link, too! Ir eally appreciate it. :)

  6. Less than eight sleeps (I forgot you Aussie's say that. Reminds me of happy days:)) now!
    I love the picture. It is proof you love us. lol.
    Have fun with the craziness!


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