Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Webber

So on the weekend, my littlest sister got married!

She was lovelier than a princess and the most sweetly relaxed bride I have ever beheld. The groom's face cracked into a gigantic grin when he saw her coming towards him down the aisle of the church, and neither of them stopped grinning -- or blatantly stealing kisses, for that matter -- for the rest of the day.

Lauren and James (with the help of their parents) put a lot of effort into building a beautiful and joyful wedding, and that's exactly what it was. My memories of the 12th of June 2010 will be forever tinged in sparkling candlelight and coloured with soft flowers and bright candy. ♥

[Thank you to my super friend Jono Sims for graciously letting me share some of his pictures here. As both bridesmaid and owner of a rather poor camera, I particularly appreciate getting to see these ones and share Jono's excellent picture-making skilz with you.]


  1. Just beautiful Dee-Dee! So happy for you all, and glad it was a magical and blessed day. Hugs to you xx

  2. It looks like it was an absolutely beautiful occasion. I just love their expressions in that third photo - they seem to sum up the day entirely!

  3. Lauren is so beautiful! Congratulations to the Webbers.... it is so exciting! I hope you're not too lonely without your littlw sis!!!

    btw, Danielle, I l.o.v.e your new background and title! Great choice :P

  4. Hi Danielle,

    It is nice to see you post. James and Lauren's wedding was so lovely. I had lots of fun and by the looks on their faces throughout the day, I think they had a fabulous time too. James couldn't stop smiling. Also their flower girl was the cutest I have ever seen. Your niece is so adorable. I hope you fall back into normality easily and don't miss Lauren too much. Will be praying for you this week.

    Lots of love,


  5. Simply beautiful!! I love the elegance of her colors and lace and well, everything!
    You and Lauren look so much alike!!
    I liked her dress.
    Who is in the 4th photo down from the top? They look familiar, somehow.
    I do believe this is the first time I have seen your parents! Definitely a family resemblance ;)

  6. These pictures are AWESOME.
    I was straight off wondering how you managed to have the time to take them all- Friend-Photo-Givers are the best. I think my faves are when the new bride and groom entered the reception, and the one of Lauren and Tain: Stellar.
    ...I wish you'd posted a pic of yourself.

    p.s. Love your new layout :)

  7. Thanks for posting! I love seeing wedding photos of friends and their family. :)

  8. Nice post DD - love you! xo

    PS. I so nearly picked this layout when I re-did mine a couple of nights ago!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Congratulations to Lauren and James! :-D

  10. Congratulations to the happy couple!! Please post more pictures - esp. of the bridal party. :)

  11. :-)

    Thanks for the link to Bethany's photos... too. Beautiful!


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