Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fringe benefits

Post-wedding is the ideal time to do reckless things with one's hair. So tonight I cut a fringe; I had to do it immediately when I thought about it or I wouldn't do it at all. I still don't really know if it's okay since I haven't washed or straightened or tried anything with it yet. But this is about as daring as I get. I'm kind of a chicken. Anyway, pictures. Unstyled and untouched.

Hey, I have a question for you all. Remember back in the day I used to include replies to comments at the end of posts? Like this? What do you think? Do you prefer replies included within posts, or simply answered in the comments section? The thing I love most about blogging is the interaction, but the thing I miss most about blogger itself as opposed to other blogging systems is its inability to include replies directly to comments. So tell me what you like best.

Also, my sister's friend Bethany made a post about Lauren's wedding, and she got some really gorgeous photos of the bride and groom and their guests. You may like to lurk :).


  1. haha fringe benefits!! i get it!! :)

    i liked it when you included the comment replies at the end of your post. i wish i had a profound reason with which to back up that statement, but alas, i just liked it. :)

  2. Have I told you just how gorgeous your brows are? And you do such a great fringe!

  3. Cute! (Photos and fringe both.)

  4. Love the fringe! And I like comments included in the post BUT I have this nagging suspicion it is because a)I am egotistical and enjoy seeing myself referenced in print. And b)I am very nosy and I enjoy seeing other people's comments replied to. So. You know. Take that for what it is worth.

  5. I l.o.v.e the fringe! the third photo is really cute, too =)
    I really liked the replies after the posts because that was the Danielle thing, but either way is fine with me!

  6. I really like the replies after the posts. I sort of made me feel like I had been talking to you even if I hadn't seen you for a long time! That's my two cents worth anyway.

    btw, I hear that Sam & Andrea are moving our way - does that mean we can see you more often?? :)

  7. Cute hairs; love your bangs/fringe!
    And you're right; you have to do it before you change your mind... That's totally me too!
    I like it when you include replies within your post ;)
    Going to see more about Lauren's wedding!

  8. Love the fringe! It really suits you.

  9. Hooray for beautiful weddings, fun fringes (we call them bangs in the US, hmm!), and having you back!

    I much prefer replies in the next post rather than in the comments section. It always makes me feel special.

    So what plans have you for your couple weeks of freedom?

    BTW, you were GORGEOUS at the wedding. The photos tell me so. :-)


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