Friday, June 18, 2010

They're HERE!

Oh, sweet sweet school holidays! How I have longed for your bright presence, your warm greeting, your loving embrace! And now -- now you are finally here with your opportunities for reading in the middle of the day, for spending time with people, for writing letters, for learning to like talking on the phone, for sleeping in, for watching movies, for baking nice foodstuffs. Holidays, I love thee.

PS. The tribe has spoken. In-post-replies return -- starting today.

* * * * *


Meaghan -- I don't need profound reasons from you; your excellent opinion is quite motivation enough, oh wondrous friend!

Mothercarey -- my eyebrows blush and thank you.

Julia -- thank you! xx

Ruth -- I took it for what it's worth and then some. I like the in-post-replies, too, but I'm weird and so I thought it quite possible everyone else would find it vaguely disturbing. Apparently not so! Plus, it feels more like a little hippie commune when we're all in dialogue together.

Rachael -- thank you and I think we're all on the same page re. comments. Yay!

Caitlin -- precisely so! The internet is great for connections like that :). Oh, and yes, hopefully we'll be down your way more often now!!

Samantha -- we are like-minded souls :).

Katie -- thank you, friend! x


  1. yay for holidays! I don't get them at all this year coz of the courses I'm doing =(
    I'm loving the discussions at the bottom of your posts.... just thinking though, is it too much work for you replying to people like that?


  2. I totally agree with you. Hooray for holidays! I'm counting down till school holidays here, only two weeks to go. I've told myself that I'm not going to touch my violin for the whole two weeks.

    BTW, I have my first violin exam on Monday. I'd really appreciate your prayers. I'm not feeling too nervous now, but I'm a bit worried I won't pass.

    Love you lots Danielle.
    Sending a big hug.
    Love Tegan

  3. Ah, holidays. It sounds as though you are going to enjoy yours thoroughly. I have one week to go before mine arrive and I Cannot Wait. Huzzah for the awesomeness that is The Holiday!

  4. Yay for holidays!! I can see the excitement on your face ;)
    Thank you for the post replies; woohoo!

  5. Amen, sister, amen! This is a very similar post to mine from Thursday :-)
    Well done on getting all your assignments finished. I'm proud of you :)

    And well done on doing something reckless to your hair... I'm gonna do that too once the next two weddings are out of the way! And your fringe looks great.

  6. Fancy getting assignments in on time in the midst of your sister's wedding. You are awesome.


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