Friday, June 25, 2010

Daybook #2

Outside my window, the day has been clear, bright, and sunny. I've wandered about in short sleeves and bare feet. Can this really be winter?

I have been listening to Boundless webzine's weekly podcasts, which provide nice meaty food for thought (what are your favourite podcasts? I'm always up for a good recommendation!).

I am wearing a white cardigan, now it's cooling a little, an orange top and a grey skirt.

I am thankful for the overflowing love and kind affection of several friends who helped make my first week without housemates a fun one with parcels full of happy surprises arriving on my doorstep yesterday morning and today. I'm so spoilt in my friends!

I am pondering the difference between knowing God and knowing about Him. Unfortunately I am more knowledgeable in the latter than in the former.

I am reading about a million things, but most recently I've been dipping into Josh Harris's Dug Down Deep. I'm two chapters in and it's excellent.

I am thinking about taking my film camera out for a day of picture-taking.

I am creating very little of late, but I want to get back into full story immersion.

Beauty in the home is in the leftover wedding flowers still hovering around and full of life.

I am hoping and praying for Sono Harris and my Aunty Chris, both of whom are bearing a heavy burden just now.

One of my favorite things is fresh orange juice. It's so normal but it's such a treat.

My plans for the rest of the week involve baking cookies and cream cupcakes, hanging out with excellent friends, doing washing, and hopefully writing some letters.

A picture thought I’m sharing is of the happy 'paper packages tied up with string' courtesy of the excellent and loving Caitlin, Tegan, and Abbie. I love you girls!

* * * * *


Rachael -- I hope you get some holidays this year at least! And, no, the replies aren't too much work. I love it :).

Tegan -- I prayed! But you already know that, and you already passed with flying colours. Yay, you! Much, much love. xx

Katie -- Hooray! Embrace those holidays with open arms! And I boldly decree you make a blog post about the excellent things you intend to do in your break.

Samantha -- holidays are the best :)

EWeight -- make sure you let me see pictures when you do make your reckless attack on your hair. Bravo to us, I say!

MotherCarey -- only because you helped me to do so! xx


  1. You're awesome. I miss you all the time. Love ya xx Harriet

  2. Like! Except that's so sad about Sono Harris :( What a tough time for her and her family.

  3. What beautiful packages your dear friend sent you!
    I love how long wedding flowers seem to last. I dried my bouquet and still have it though I think it's time to let it go...

    I am so sad for Sono Harris (and your aunt too!) To go to be with Jesus is a joyous thing but she is still so young and I know her family is going to miss her terribly. There will be a hole there that will never be filled again. =/

    Mmm, cream cupcakes; I'll take one! ;)

    "I am pondering the difference between knowing God and knowing about Him. Unfortunately I am more knowledgeable in the latter than in the former."
    Ah, me too... unfortunately. But it's not as though I am stuck helpless here... If I seek Him for, I know I shall know Him more.

  4. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be living by yourself with not even a sister! But this may be the perfect time to get to "know" God better! I hope you get your other family back soon! Oh, and I loved seeing the pictures of Lauren's wedding! Thanks for sharing.

    I just heard the news today about Sono Harris while at our state homeschooling convention. Mr. Karman's voice shook and tears came into his eyes as he announced to the audience that Sono is on her deathbed. It was such a shock because I just saw her two months ago, looking perfectly healthy! She has touched so many people (I mean, she's just a mother from my hometown... known half way around the world!) and mothered children who are making a difference in the kingdom of God. It is sad but we must trust that God knows best. Her family really needs our prayers!


  5. I was just having a thinky on that same topic, on my heart and head knowledge of God. I feel like I have a LOT of head knowledge but I often wonder if I truly know Him. I have just started keeping a prayer journal and I'm *definitely* going to keep it up (I'm half writing that in order to reinforce it to myself :), lol!) Good luck with your own pondering, friend!


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