Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Have you ever thought how amazingly cool it would be to be thrown into a moment of intense desperation and then suddenly experience the remarkable transformation of your friend from an ordinary person into a superhero? No? Me either. But today I experienced it, all the same.

The story goes like this: my excellent, seemingly normal (though, admittedly more fun than most normal people) friend Anastasia pulled into my driveway to pick me up for a drive. I ran to the door, gathering bits of periphery as I went, all the while reminding myself that, since I wouldn't have my own car keys, I would need to take a house key. While I locked my front door, I reminded myself I would need to take a house key. While I pulled the door shut, I reminded myself I would need to take a house key. And even as that bolt was falling into place behind me, I realised I had not taken out the house key. Quite possibly, I have never felt stupider. Every single door in the house -- even including the outside gates -- was locked.

We took our little road trip and while Anastasia was being a grown up and attending a meeting, I was being a child and called my sister to see if she had a key to my house (she didn't), my mother to see if she could offer any clues, and a locksmith to see how much it'd cost to help me get back in.


I contemplated all of those times I had driven carefully on the road just to avoid getting a nasty fine which would chew up lots of money. Yes, I had somehow managed to bring a similar nasty monetary penalty upon myself without even having my foot on an accelerator.

Fastforward to our drive home. In a final effort to not pay a lot of money, the plan was to attempt to get to a ladder and then maybe my sister and brother-in-law could drive over with a screwdriver and we could break in through a window. This was the plan. But suddenly, just like in the old Batman and Robin episodes when a starburst would appear across the screen with the words KA-POW across it, Normal Anastasia miraculously transformed into Ninja!Anastasia. It was a marvel.

First, she jumped the (very tall) back fence and got into my backyard, navigating several palm trees in the process. Then she found a ladder and used it climb over the front fence and land on our garbage bins. We got the ladder over together and propped it against the sloping roof at the front of the house. Ninja!Anastasia scooted up there like nobody's business, and I eventually followed her up, wimping and wincing at every creak of the roof. On the second storey of the house, a glass window was wound out at a fine angle -- ten inches open at its widest point.

This did not deter my ninjatastic friend. She somehow got her hands in there and was able to knock the screen out. As if this was not amazing enough, she then slipped through the opening at the bottom of the window (remember I told you it was ten inches, right?) and was inside, flashing her ninja smile. Ninja!Anastasia saved the day!

Now I know how MJ felt after she had discovered who Peter Parker really was.

* * * * *


Bethany -- Yay, Tain! :D

Samantha -- yes, Tain's adopted :)

Amanda -- DEFINITELY. He's like our own personal enterTAINer.

Mothercarey -- dorkiness runs in our family, biological and otherwise.

Staish -- stop drooling on your desk, already. GROSS.


  1. I am lol'ing so hard that danny keeps shooting me irritated looks from his perch in front of his PS3 session. If only everyone thought me as majestic as you profess!

    Thanks for coming with me tonight, you are always such wonderful company :)

  2. Haha, that is brilliant! :-D

  3. Haha! What a funny write up of your adventures with a Ninja!Friend.

  4. Yay Anastasia......so cooooool! ANd the little ninja is just how I pictured her scooting through the window. I suppose now is not the time to tell you that you have to walk on the beams on the roof so as not to cause damage. I am stil laughing!!!!

  5. Hehehe... and this is super cool, seeing as I have actually met Ninja!Staish!!!

  6. That is a beautiful and amazing story and I absolutely adore the way you told it, too. :)


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