Monday, July 12, 2010

Awesome thing of the day #5

I really should be making a post about my weekend (celebrity sightings! breakfast at cafes! sleepover buddies! Hitchcock horror! broken noses! 5am bedtimes!) and my Monday (Toy Story 3 and happy times with friends) but instead I really just want to show you these amazing fingerless gloves that Ruth made for me.

They are so cool and they make my hands so happy! The only problem is that I don't want to take them off at all. Everything is much cosier and definitely more punk-artistic while I'm wearing them. Plus: I can type in these things!

Thank you, Ruth. Amazing.

* * * * *


Julia -- thanks for the happy congrats!

Staish -- your ninja skilz are now known the web over! You are amazing.

Ruth -- :D Ninja!Friends and AmazingFingerlessGloveKnitting!Friends... I'm so spoilt.

The First Rose -- and even more funny in the living than in the telling!

Mothercarey -- we have to make Anastasia a little ninja costume, I think.

H.C.H. -- :D PS. Your initials look so elusive and mysterious.

Carla -- yes, you know she's real and not just a figment of my imagination!

Katie -- life is better when filled with stories :).


  1. They are gorgeous gloves and they even co-ordinate with the theme of your blog!

  2. Cute! I always liked fingerless gloves, but not until I bought a pair last autumn did I realize just how much cooler they can make you feel. :-)

  3. Beautiful and cool color too. You have the neatest friends! :)
    Broken noses?
    5 Am bedtimes?
    I want to know more!!

  4. aww, they're so cute! A lovely colour and desing, too =) They look shop-bought; your friend must be very clever!!

  5. Hee! So glad you like them.:-) I must give credit to the fun (free) pattern which maybe only shows up if one is a Ravelry member, not sure...but it is here:

  6. Um... can I be totally creepy and ask which cafe you breakfasted at? Because I went to brunch at Cirque in New Farm with some friends and as we were walking out, I spotted someone that looked like you and I almost, very nearly did a "Danielle?". But then I chickened out because 1) if it was you, that would have been terribly awkward and I would have done nothing to disuade you that I was a stalker and 2) if it wasn't you, that would have been equally embarrassing. I'd totally forgotten about it and then you mentioned breakfast at cafes and my memory was reignited!


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