Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nice things, some of them frivolous:

1) I was organising my room this morning and I re-discovered this little mushroom-top pinky red beret. I found it in a sale during the Summer-time and put it away for future use. The future is now.

2) My Topography is a blog I keep returning to, even though it's a personal blog and I have no actual connection to the writer outside of the fact that I stumbled across her words one day. But she writes so thoughtfully, so deeply, that I keep going back for visits. There is a hereness to her writing that pulls me in. Somehow she is able to see the story in her own life, to dissect her days and pull from them a thought or a moment or an inkling, and turn it into beautiful prose. More than that, she takes from each moment something else -- maybe her history, or her future, or a realisation -- and sucks all the richness from that one little moment. Well, this is how it feels to me, reading her words. I'm always inspired.

3) I am enchanted by the delightfulness that is the Surprise Ball. Andrea at Hula Seventy documents her opening of this cool cool cool thing -- basically a ball made with multicoloured strips of crepe paper. That's lovely enough in itself, but that's not all. Apparently little treasures are hidden throughout the ball so that, as you unwrap all the layers, Things Fall Out. Oh my. That is so cool. There's a video of someone opening one, which is fun, but it kind of hurt my feelings because it's fast-forwarded and it makes me uncomfortable to see gifts being unwrapped quickly. If you can handle that (and by which I mean if you aren't weird like me), you should watch it because it's like visually eavesdropping on someone else's Christmas.

4) Until today I had Absolutely No Idea that it is possible to watch all of seasons one and two of Doctor Who free (and LEGAL) through the Channel Nine website. There are heaps of other shows on offer, too. Amazing! (Now, to carefully monitor my downloads so I don't run out of internet!).

* * * * *


Katie -- so very true!

Julia -- we can be a Fingerless Gloves Are Cool club :)

Samantha -- yes, I DO have the nicest friends! Ah yes, broken noses and 5am bedtimes: all shall be revealed!

Rachael -- my friend is very clever.

Simplythis -- now you make me want to join Ravelry even though I don't knit!


  1. 1) berets are awesome! Jess is bringing me one home from Paris =)
    2) I love reading other people's writings that are deep! Even if I don't write after reading deep things, I feel inspired.
    3) That Surprise Ball is totally wicked!! very cool :P
    4) you like 'Dr. Who'? *cough, cough* what taste you have! hehehe. not my favourite show, I must say =D


  2. (I never know what account to comment under.:-P)

    I am very excited about this Doctor Who link you've shared--have you been able to watch them? I tried clicking on a couple and it gives me a "we're sorry, this video is not available" message. I'm hoping it is just a temporary glitch.

    That surprise ball was really cool! I had to go Google other renditions--saw some great ones made with ribbon and yarn and things like that. Very tempted to try it, though it could be disastrous given that I can't even wrap presents very well.;-)

  3. Now I have to get a beret so we can be the Fingerless Gloves & Berets are Cool Club. :-)

  4. I love your beret; it's cute on you!!
    Ah yes, looking forward to the revealing of all!

  5. The surprise ball kind of stole my heart. At first I was al, 'Glorified Pass-the-Parcel? Huh.'
    ...I was so wrong.

    It's pretty cool that HulaSeventy of the Surprise Ball actually lives in Portland...of your very favourite Don Miller :)

    Far out. How amazing is 'My Topography' as a title? I LOVE maps. Everything about them. The word topography is thus magical in and of itself. [And as I was leaving Joel and Kirsty's last week? Kirsty made me rifle through a drawer full of vintage maps that J had gotten from a school library clean out. Now I have a drawer of vintage maps!]

  6. nevermind, I realized I had to download a thingy and then I can get the Doctor Who video to work. Exciting!;)


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