Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Journal XXII :: Meaghan and me, again

This weekend was squished full of relaxing, happy times!

The gorgeous Meaghan, who has been a precious friend for almost thirteen years (we met the first week of August 1997), flew up from Sydney for four days of chillin' like villains. There's nothing that can replace spending time with a friend who knows you inside out and with whom you don't have to be anything. *yay*

We shopped -- and tried on sunnies that we'd never buy.

We laughed through a strange contemporary remake of Pride & Prejudice.

We ate chocolate French toast -- along with other sugary substances.

We drove to the markets and found some seriously excellent bargains.

We visited the newlyweds!

And made up rubbish faux dictionary definitions for a game of Balderdash.

We may have salivated over this bread display...

And been unable to resist this cupcake.

We also smiled a fair bit --

And were amazed when our ridiculous Balderdash definitions...

...actually came true.

Plus, there was some lazing around.
(Okay, there was quite a lot of lazing around.)

It was excellent. Pretty sure you wish you were there. Oh, there was also a miniature bushwalk through a trail of carnage, but those pictures are still to come...

* * * * *


Anonymous -- I bake goodly cos my mama taught me. Hell has nothing to do with it ;).

Rachael -- Paris berets beat Brisbane berets any day! Oh, and how can you not like Who? He's the best!

Ruth -- So glad you got the free Who link working! :D

Julia -- Can I be vice prez of our Fingerless Gloves and Berets Are Cool Society?

Samantha R -- :D

Staish -- Can I please have a real-life tour of your selection of vintage maps someday? It sounds amazing.

Mitanika -- OOOOOH! I wish I was breakfasting at New Farm that day, but the cafe I was in was bayside! You know, if you ever see 'me' again, you have my total and welcome permission to come up and say hi. That would be crazy funny -- although I guess that if it isn't me, it might feel a little awkward ;).


  1. Loverly weekends. Ah, I could use a weekend like that. Ah wait, I am going to have a weekend like that. Sort of. Going camping is close to full relaxation, laziness and simple carefree living.
    We leave today! ;)
    Mmm, that bread looks awesome.
    Love the fact that you actually saw your definition come to life! =P

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time with Meaghan =) Those photos were gorgeous!

  3. Oh yay! That was a lovely post! :) I'm glad you had heaps of fun. :) xoxoxox

    Was Lauren's scarf an accessory, or...? :)

  4. So much fun! Thanks for the groovy blog post. Here's to happy times with friends *chinks glass*

  5. Glad you had a great time with your friend! How random would that have been if it *had* been you?!?! Hope your breakfast was as nice as mine!!

  6. dude, it was totes the funnest and the best. :) looking forward to carnage and cane toad lookalikes! xx


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