Saturday, September 11, 2010

[Q&A] one

Kicking off the Q&A posts (you can leave more questions here if you'd like)...

My mother asked: how many sleeps till I see you?

Only nine!! Nine more sleeps and then holidays and hang-outs and art galleries and Sherlock and reading and city visits and shopping and today Lauren and I discovered this amazing patisserie that we have to introduce you to. And obviously I felt like the excitement level of this occasion called for the use of highlighter pencils.

:D :D :D

* * * * *


Samantha -- just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for always leaving such lovely and thoughtful comments. You are champion commenter!

Jessica -- fo' shiz! ;) Thank you for your prayers, too.

Asea -- I've read Two Part Invention but I haven't read any of the Crosswicks journals. They're on my list! (And I love that we are kindred spirits. You would make a great library-trip companion, I am convinced!)

Mothercarey -- eeeee!


  1. Yay 9999999999999999 mooooooooorrrrreeeee sleeps

  2. The highlighted sign is enough to make anyone happy! I hope the nine sleeps pass quickly.

  3. This must mean that it's not many sleeps til I get to see you, either, only I just realised cause my mine is very scattered this week. This thought has made me happy. xx
    PS - highlighter pencils?! COOL.


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